10 Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Mattress

Cleaning and maintenance of your home, rooms and living areas is a daunting task especially when you have a hectic work routine. No doubt, you need to pay more attention to your home décor as well as mattresses, carpets, rugs and upholstery to keep your home’s environment healthy and comfortable to live. Therefore, you need to put extra effort and care while doing regular and mattress steam cleaning. you can’t get rid of bugs, mites and mold inside material of the mattresses without doing the deep and steam cleaning.

Although you are doing the regular cleaning of bed covers and sheets, it’s not enough to kill germs and mites inside the mattresses. For this, you need to keep your beds clean and well-maintain to get a good sleep as well as a refreshing room’s environment. No doubt, there are a lot of tools and cleaning products are available in the markets to clean and maintain the mattresses. But you can’t buy these products without knowing the specifications of your mattresses and their conditions.

For this purpose, we will discuss a few mistakes that you need to avoid while cleaning, choosing and using different cleaning solutions and patterns for your mattresses. In this way, you can increase the productivity of your mattresses because you can’t invest at the end of each season to buy a new mattress. So, these simple tricks and considerations will help you to save your mattresses in long run.

Dry Cleaning Is Better Than Wet Cleaning:

There are a lot of cleaning methods and patterns for the mattresses. But you can’t rely on the same method for all types of mattresses. If you are doing so then the chances for damage and long-life span are higher. Therefore, it’s better to select and choose it accordingly. Moreover, don’t treat your mattresses even to clean the stains with excess water. The water and moisture may increase the chances for the growth of mold, mildew and fungus inside the mattresses.

Therefore, if you are wetting and using a lot of water to clean and remove stains on the mattresses then you are doubling the trouble or mess for yourself as well as budget. Even professional mattress steam cleaners don’t recommend to steam clean when the mattress’s damage levels are higher.

For this, it’s always better to clean and maintain the mattresses according to the directions provided by the manufacturer’s company or professional cleaners. Besides this, if you are using a stain removing products for stain’s treatment then you should avoid using water-based solutions or products.

Always Prefer To Use Upholstery Attached Vacuum Cleaner For The Mattresses:

Whacking and beating is not a good way to clean the mattresses effectively. These methods may damage the quality as well as inside material of your mattress. Therefore, it’s always better to use an upholstery attached vacuum cleaner to clean and remove dirt on the mattresses. Moreover, it will not damage the quality of your mattress.

Don’t Use Multipurpose Vacuum Cleaners:

Most of the people prefer to use the normal routine cleaner or vacuum to clean mattresses. But these vacuum cleaners are not suitable for your mattresses. Moreover, these cleaners also not offer desired and satisfactory cleaning results. Therefore, it’s better to choose a vacuum cleaner that has upholstery attached.

Mattress Steam Cleaning Is Not Good For All Types Of Mattresses:

As we all know steam cleaning offers effective and environment-friendly cleaning results. Buy you even can’t use this method or pattern to clean all types of mattresses. So, if the mattresses are completely damaged or in a poor condition then steam cleaning will also not help out to restore these mattresses in their original form. However, it can damage the poor conditions mattresses more than before.

Therefore, you can’t rely even on this cleaning method for damaged mattresses.

Harsh Chemicals And Solutions:

Most of the people think if they use hard chemicals and cleaning solutions then they will get effective cleaning results. But it’s not true because hard chemicals will damage the quality of your mattresses as well as harm your living environment and health.

Cleaning Is Enough To Remove Stains:

No doubt, cleaning and maintenance help to clean the mattresses. But if you are thinking that you’ll be able to get rid of stains just by cleaning the mattresses then it’s totally wrong. Therefore, you need to remove stains before starting the cleaning process. But if you are not doing this then the containment of stains will stick inside the material of mattresses. It will be harder to clean and get rid of stuck stains and residues.

Washing Bedcovers And Sheets Is Enough:

Bedsheets and covers provide resistant against stains and dirt. But the cleaning and washing of these covers and sheets are not enough to clean and maintain the mattresses. For this, you should deep clean your mattresses at least once or twice per year.

Steam Cleaning Doesn’t Use Water:

Water is involved even in the mattress steam cleaner process. So, it’s better to hire the professionals for this purpose. These professionals have advanced tools and equipment to offer drying services after the completion of cleaning.

Shampoo Or Dry Cleaning Don’t Help To Kill Mites:

These both cleaning methods are effective but don’t offer satisfactory results to kill mites and bedbugs. However, steam cleaning is a good and reliable option for killing these mites and bugs. So, if you are thinking to invest in professional cleaning methods or products then firstly focus on the specifications of those products as well as your mattresses to save the mattresses from damages.

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