How do you get rid of pimples? How do you dispel dark circles and manage to put on make-up as if you looked as if you had just been kissed by the sun? “mylife” has 22 beauty tricks on how to make your complexion glow.

The right skin care

1. Cleaning aids: Face brushes are a real miracle weapon for glowing skin. If you massage the cleaning product with them, loose horn scraps are removed and the blood circulation is stimulated. Apply in the evening!

2. Watchful eye: Eye gels help wonderfully against swelling, dark circles and wrinkles. Top: They cool comfortably and are also suitable for problem skin, as they are fat-free.

3. Cheating tan: you want a tender summer glow? Then mix a drop of self-tanner into your facial care. So you don’t have to be afraid that the tan will be too intense. Refill if necessary.

4. Rose water ritual: If the skin is dry or tight, it is worth dabbing it with a little rose water (e.g. from Primavera) after cleansing. Because the essences obtained from the petals soothe and moisturize. Also great as a freshness kick in between!

5. Apply thickly: Weekly masks are essential. The reason: Applied as thick as a knife, heat builds up under the skin. The pores open – active ingredients can penetrate particularly deeply.

6. Energy kick: Pale skin is mostly due to an impaired nutrient supply. Everything that stimulates the blood circulation and infiltrates moisture is great. Ideal: Always massage the cream in gently.

7. Pimple killer: If your skin is blemished, work 2 teaspoons of milk powder (drugstore) into the moist face and rinse off with warm water. Effect: The skin is cleaned and gently peeled at the same time.

8. Power packages: An intensive cure with ampoules is always ideal when the complexion needs extra care. The concentrated drug bombs are also suitable as SOS helpers – after all, they have an immediate effect.

9. Pore Refiner: Rubbing with ice cubes not only makes the complexion look rosier, but also more even. Because the pores contract. Top: The make-up can then be applied better.

How to put on the right make-up

10. Color code: Many women put on too dark make-up to look fresh. The opposite is the case. A foundation should not bring color to the face, but to even out the complexion! Therefore, never test products on the (darker) back of the hand, but on the face.

11. All-rounder: BB creams ensure a very natural finish: they combine care with a hint of color, so they don’t cover too much. In short: they beautify our complexion in a single cut.

12. Fresh-up: With dry skin, the complexion often looks dull throughout the day. Solution: Rub day cream between your palms and press on your face – works over the make-up!

13. Clever correction: Novel concealer pallets contain different colors that make irregularities of any kind invisible. Green neutralizes redness, orange dark circles, yellow is an all-rounder. Plus point: You can mix the ideal shade yourself.

14. Invest in oil: In order to give the faces of the models more expression, make-up artists add a drop of facial oil to the foundation. That makes the look more radiant. Work in with a damp sponge.

15. Rouge rule: change the order and apply the blush first and then the make-up. Why? The cheek red shimmers through very gently. In short: you naturally look fresh – like after a long walk in nature.

16. Sun complexion: For a “I was just on vacation” look, go for Bronzer. This is dusted on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. So that it doesn’t look artificial, choose a shade darker than your own skin color.

17. Set accents: Highlighters conjure up gentle light reflections on the face and make us look more alert immediately. They are placed as a make-up finish where the light breaks – i.e. on the bridge of the nose, cheekbones or on the hairline. It is best to follow the natural curve of the facial contours when applying. The rule is: dose sparingly, otherwise an unsightly, greasy shine will result!

Beauty Traps

18. Deprivation of sleep: At night, cell renewal and skin repair processes are in full swing. So make sure you have enough bed rest. Tip: Silk pillows “wrinkle” the skin less than those made of cotton.

19. Too many cocktails: alcohol not only removes moisture from the complexion, the sugar it contains also hardens the collagen fibers, which keep the skin elastic. The result of regular consumption? A pale complexion and wrinkles.

20.Fingers in the face: If you keep touching your face (unconsciously), you don’t need to be surprised about pimples. After all, there are germs on your hands that can cause inflammation. So be sure to wash regularly!

21. Peeling overkill: Rubbing the (thin) face skin too often injures its sensitive protective coat. As a result, it can store moisture less well – there are wrinkles due to dryness. Peeling once a week is enough!

22. Fast food: nice and greasy and salty – two reasons why fries & co taste so delicious. Problem: The high salinity removes moisture from the body, which also leads to a dull complexion.

Why doesn’t my skin glow?

If you want to have glowing skin, you first need to know why the complexion has lost its natural shine. Especially in winter, the skin tends to be dull. This is due to dry skin cells that make the complexion look dull and blotchy. In addition, there is a natural aging process that gradually robs the skin of its luminosity. Aging skin cells lose their vitality, become tired of constantly dividing themselves again and can defend themselves against the exposure to so-called free radicals more and more weakly. Free radicals are aggressive oxygen particles that attack the cell membrane. They can arise from external environmental influences (e.g. UV radiation), but also from internal stress. Many of the people uses best skin care products such as The Ordinary products to keep their skin moisturize as the provide a best formula according to your skin and color.

Highly Recommended 4 tricks make the complexion glow

1. Vitamins for more glow

Antioxidants are substances that prevent free radicals from forming and multiplying in the body. Regularly ingested through food, they make the skin healthy and radiant. Citrus fruits in particular contain a high level of vitamins A, C and E, which are considered reliable antioxidants. A little tip: If you don’t manage to eat fruit every day, you can also ensure a good vitamin supply through targeted nutritional supplements .

2. Exfoliate regularly

The better the microcirculation works in the cells, the more beautiful the skin looks. An increased blood flow causes an optimal supply of oxygen and nutrients. All you have to do is regular peelings . The highlight: the scratching cures not only stimulate the metabolic activity, but also remove the unsightly, wintry gray haze. Two peelings per week are therefore ideal, especially in the winter months.

3. Drink a lot

A good hydro supply makes the skin cells plump, so that the complexion looks smooth and fresh. In addition, incident daylight can be better reflected on a smooth skin surface and thus give the skin more radiance. Good to know: intensive moisturizing is important, but not always sufficient. The cells must also be supplied with water from the inside. The more regularly and more we drink , the more beautiful our skin becomes. A little tip: with tasty teas or lemons squeezed out of the juice, you bring variety to your glass. There are also special vitamin teas that provide the body with valuable nutrients.

4. Radiate with pallor

A beautiful radiance always arises on the skin when incident light is reflected and acts like a wonderful glow. As with all surfaces, the following also applies to the skin: a light complexion develops more luminosity than dark skin, because it tends to swallow incident light. Winter paleness is therefore perfect for more luminosity. The following also applies: Pay attention to regular UV protection. Because too intensive sun consumption not only makes the skin darker (and therefore less radiant), but also creates pigment spots . Consistent UV protection is therefore essential, especially in summer. And in winter: just look forward to the elegant pallor; after all, we’re shining like never before!

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