Businesses and corporate offices are already a quite stressful space and in the middle of all the stress if the commercial air conditioning service in your office space fails to do its work or is not able to create a cool and healthy environment then must get the commercial air conditioning unit repaired or changed.

Heating ventilating and air conditioning is a really important thing in offices which are actually closed spaces with not too much space. The only way to create a breathable and live-able environment in those places you needs a proper heating ventilating and air conditioning solution.

But the HVAC systems need a really good air conditioning maintenance service in place on a regular basis. For those businesses that do not have technicians or air conditioning experts visiting the premise to check the units, must get in touch with an air conditioning maintenance service and ask for a regular visit just to be on the safe side.

As a business, having a proper heating ventilating and air conditioning system is really important in your business not just for your staff but also for your visitors. Commercial air conditioning units also consume a whole lot of energy and charge a heavy cost on the use of these services. Let us take a look at some steps that you can take in order to ensure that your heating ventilating and air conditioning solutions are up to date and are able to create a healthy and well-maintained environment.

The Condensing Unit Must Be Clear:

The condensing unit of a commercial air conditioning unit often face these issues as they are somehow being obstructed with something. This is a common workplace issue where the rooftop air conditioning unit is often blocked by some kind of furniture. This doesn’t allow the unit to suck the air in and which can create an issue in producing clean and cool air. This would require the air conditioning system to increase its load and the unit can experience too much strain and break down.

Make Sure the Unit is Not Overloaded:

It can be often really hot and humid in an office space with sometimes too many people being present in the same room and the outside weather doing its job. But going for the lowest temperatures on your commercial air conditioning unit, in this case, is not a good solution. By doing this, the air conditioning unit will in no way cool down the room or office quicker, but it can actually put way too much load on the commercial air conditioning unit.

You must avoid doing this and set the temperature to a comfortable and consistent setting that will not put too much load on the unit and avoid any load or strain. This will also help you control your electricity bills in some way.

Keep a Check on Freon Levels:

Commercial air conditioning units must be checked for any Freon leakages from the system. When you notice poor performance in your commercial air conditioning service, it can often mean that the Freon levels are slowly going down in your air conditioning unit. This can be seen as a common issue faced by a lot of older units.

Replacing Filters and Keeping the Vents Clean:

Commercial air conditioning units can collect dirt, mold, bacteria, and debris faster than a residential air conditioning system. This is why regular maintenance must be done on a commercial air conditioning service.

The filters in the air conditioning unit must be changed at least once a month, especially during summers, you shouldn’t wait for the repair technician to tell you that the filters need to be changed. The vents and ducts also should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the air circulation and stop the spread of any bacteria or virus.

If these filters and vents are not cleaned regularly, this can lead to bad air coming out of the commercial air conditioning unit and can be harmful for your staff. To make sure that your staff works in a clean environment and gets access to cooler, fresher air you must keep the filters and vents clean.

Schedule a Regular Checkup and Maintenance Service:

Just like other appliances and things in the office space, the commercial air conditioning units also need to be cleaned thoroughly and serviced proerpyl enough on a regular basis.

It is important you have an air heating ventilating and air conditioning technician come and check your HVAC systems on a yearly basis, even better if it is twice a year, just to make sure the systems are running properly and there is no load or strain on the system which could lead to further damage, if not taken care of at an early stage. These checks are really important in identifying issues that might look minor at a point, but can become a bigger issue if not checked. Sometimes, this also results in a complete breakdown of the commercial air conditioning unit.

Wrap up

These are some really basic tips. You must remember to minimise your HVAC use as much as possible, know the exact size you require for different rooms in the office. Both larger and smaller rooms require different sizes of air conditioners. You not only waste your installation cost, but also expect a bigger damage to your commercial air conditioning unit. At the time of buying the unit, make sure the HVAC system has a good star quality rating.

You must not forget the ventilation in your heating ventilation and air conditioning system. It is important that you have energy-recovery ventilation systems so that the air streams are used properly. This will keep the air coming out of your commercial air conditioning system cool and fresh. I cannot stress this enough, air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis is of utmost importance. If you do not have a contract, you must get in touch with an air conditioning maintenance london and get in a contract so that your commercial air conditioning units can be taken care of by experts.

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