7 creative Marketing ideas for your new business

Marketing is the only way to get your brand out there in front of the audience. If it wasn’t for marketing, your business would not be able to reach the success and milestone that it deserves. Thus, coming up with a marketing scheme which works and doesn’t break the budget is crucial for all businesses.

But not all businesses are equal, and the marketing needs of each of them differ as well. Thus, the approach you take towards marketing depends on the type and nature of your business. Also, it needs to be creative and affordable so that your business doesn’t suffer in other areas due to marketing. Neither you have to compromise on its quality. If you are looking for creative and budget-friendly marketing tactics, this is the right blog for you. Also, for marketers who are stuck or have a writer’s block, these tips may provide just the inspiration that they need.

Let’s check them out.

Promote your handles

Social media marketing is one of the greatest tools for a business. If you are not making use of this tool, you are way behind on your marketing games. One of the things that need to be part of your social media marketing strategy is to never miss an opportunity to expose your social media handles in front of users. Whether it is a seminar or a presentation or a business card, don’t forget to mention the social media handles of your business to get people to follow it.

Have a customer referral program

Word-of-mouth is one cheap form of marketing that can work wonders for your business. It can instil trust into your customer to an extent which doesn’t happen no matter what kind of advertisements or marketing you go for.

One of the best ways to enhance word-of-mouth marketing is to offer customer referral programs. It is imperative to keep your existing customers happy and satisfied, and with this, you can do this. Offer them complimentary services or discounts, and they will be happy to share positive reviews about this to their friends and family.

It gets you exposure and shows appreciation towards your customers as well.

Use weekly hashtag themes for your benefit

Hashtags are integral to your social media marketing strategy. Whether it is Twitter or Instagram, they both make use of hashtags to expose their content to more people. When you are using hashtags for your posts, make sure to follow the weekly hashtag themes like #flashbackFriday. It helps you get more engagement and exposure, which is the entire reason for being on social media.

Use data to tell a story

When it comes to marketing a business, nothing says successful more than proof. Find the data of the people who use your product or are satisfied and use it to tell a story. You can put up a caption on social media or your show that this number of users are satisfied with your product on a website or the store’s front gate.

When you are using the data to tell a story online, make use of Info-graphic. They are easy to create using Canva and can make complex data interesting, and easy to grasp. Also, if you run a blog, an infographic can be a handy tool to have unique content that helps people understand a topic well.

Don’t ignore the power of fliers

Digital marketing is a great marketing tool. But showing your presence using traditional methods is still of importance. If you have the luxury of stepping out and communicating with your target audience, fliers can be of great use. Take help from Canva to create and print a flier. It will help a local business, but other businesses can try this too, especially if you are a brand that is coming in for a while to a new place to get more audience, like a band.

One-to-one marketing works

It is a customer-relationship strategy that aims to boost personal interactions between a brand and a customer. Have you seen celebrities get hampers or products from brands with personalized notes? Well, that is one example of 1:1 marketing. When you personalize something, like an email, it shows that you appreciate and care about all your customers. It not only helps with great returns but also aids loyalty in your consumers.

Hold contest

Contests, giveaway, and selling products on discounts is a considerable strategy for all businesses. Use email newsletter or video or social media to let people know about giveaways or contests. Users are excited about this, and it also helps you get more customers.

Marketing is one enormous aspect of making your brand successful. Also, it is ever-changing with new technologies rolling every day. To be on top and use the best strategies for your business, you need to follow these tips.

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