7 Snow Travel Destinations to Try This Year

Is there anyone who does not love the sight of snow flacks grizzling down the sky? Or how about a hot cup of chocolate while gazing out at the snow-capped surrounding? Or how about skiing down the endless snow-draped valleys?

Snow has always been the fascinating luxury that happens only at a random few places on planet Earth. To be able to see and enjoy the true beauty of the pristine white snowfall is an experience of a lifetime.

The 2020 Pandemic put the world into a standstill, isolated, and safely locked away within the walls of our home. Finally, things are looking up, and winter is also coming. It is time to pack your bag and begin travel plans again.

The 7 best snow destination to visit this year after the pandemic ends includes

Patagonia, Argentina

A beautiful summer destination, Patagonia is a real hidden winter gem too. From the glacial beauty of Los Glaciares to skiing at Chapelco or hiking to the Torres Del Paine, Patagonia has a very unique and mind-boggling winter landscape that cannot be found elsewhere.

Ushuaia is the southernmost part of Argentina, just a few miles off Patagonia. It is a picturesque hilltop village that overlooks the snow-draped world one side and opens the Antarctica door on the other side.

Experiencing unparalleled beauty like this is a once in a lifetime chance you simply cannot overlook if you want to visit the best snow-capped destinations of the world.

Aspen, Colorado

Known for its iconic gold rush period, Aspen is also the home to the world-class skiing experience. The Aspen Nordic Snowmass Trail and the surrounding White River National Forest are a stunning combination of untouched beauty and surprising conservation of wildlife.

Exploring Aspen during winter is often a wish in the bucket list of a dedicated snow lover. The sheer magnitude of smooth snow-laden alleys can keep visitors enamored for days and weeks.

If exploring the snow is not enough, you can always put on your best snowmobile boots and rent a mobile to check out the various other hotspots. From checking out the Aspen Historical Museum to trying Fly fishing at Fork River or even indoor Rock climbing, there is a lot more fun experience to try in Aspen.

St Moritz, Switzerland

A paradise destination for any snow-loving traveler, St Moritz is home to the iconic Corviglia Snow Park. Snowboarding and Skiing aside, travelers can experience what Olympic Ice skating feels like at the Olympic Ice Skating Ring.

Hohensee, St Moritz Lake, and Silvaplana offer a very different and unusual view of St Moritz to travelers that one can never experience anywhere else.

The famous mountain Glacier Express railroad journey of 8 hrs to Zermatt begins at St Moritz. An exhilarating journey unlike any other, the train passes through the stunning Oberalp pass, 231 jaw-dropping high bridges, and 91 tunnels to reach its final destination.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

It is believed that the 1000 years old Bled Castle’s beauty is unprecedented during the winter months. Towering over Lake Bled, this beautiful castle is one of the most popular wallpaper and screensaver choices for desktops worldwide.

Exploring the castle’s winter beauty aside, one can try the winter hiking trail of the Osajnica Hills or the famous traditional horse carriage ride across the city amidst the drizzling snow.

The famous and legendary Sunken bell festival held on Christmas each year is a very unique blend of history and folklore. It is interesting to try out too when one is in Lake Bled during this year-end trip.

Queenstown, New Zealand

If summer is something you hate, you can escape to New Zealand to enjoy a nice chilly winter. From May to September, New Zealand is covered in snow and clouds. Queenstown, the world’s original adventure destination, becomes an entirely different world during these few months.

The iconic Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound cruise aside, there is the famous cruise through the Lake Wakatipu in TSS Earnslaw that one cannot miss traversing while in Queenstown.

From snowboarding to snowmobiling or even skiing, Queenstown is the perfect escapade from the Northern Hemisphere’s hot summers.

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn transforms into a fairytale land during winters. The snow-draped slanting roofs and hilly terrain changes Tallinn into mystical yet breathtaking sight, especially during winter when sparkling led becomes a must-have in all the homes and shops around the city.

Tallinn’s medieval era’s old town is home to many beautiful historical remnants that further its beauty. The no-car rule makes it a remarkable walking journey during snowy winter months.

Yellowstone, California

Yellowstone National Park is a geographical marvel in itself; however, during Winter, it blooms into an unparalleled beauty that merely’s mindblowing.

Snowmobiling through the park while exploring its geysers, bubbling mud pots, frozen and unfrozen waterfalls, ice fishing spots, camping, etc. are just a few activities to try here in winter.

Home to a wide range of beautiful flora and fauna, Yellowstone National park is a paradise for adventure and winter-loving travelers.

There is something mysterious and calming about the snow-draped surrounding that draws us towards it. Experiencing what it feels like to see and touch snow is a chance of a lifetime that one cannot miss.

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