Top 10 Android Tips That Helps To Browse Your Device Safe

Do you make financial transactions using your phone? Do you browse websites or save any important information through mails? If yes, then you should think to safeguard your phone.

Mobile phones are prone to cyber threats and viruses. If not secured properly, you may lose phone data and all the sensitive information that are stored in your phone. Thus, it is always recommended to protect your device and follow the security tips that could help you to browse your device safe. Here are the top 10 android tips that you should follow to keep your device safe and secure. 

Top 10 Mobile Security Tips To Keep Your Device Safe

Disable app downloads from unknown sources

Downloading apps from the unknown sources always makes your device prone to external threats. It is the easiest way through which malware and virus enter your phone. Thus, it is advisable to install apps from only Google Play Store. However, to stop the devices from inadvertently downloading any app from unknown sources, disable the option using following steps:

  • Navigate to Settings of the Android device.
  • Scroll down to search for “Security Settings”.
  • Search for “Device Administration” option. 
  • Uncheck the option of “Unknown sources”.

Download a powerful Android cleaner app

Android phone cleaner apps allow users to boost its speed and performance by clearing cache and junk files. The app is a powerful tool to optimize your android phone and its performance. The best android phone cleaner apps such as Advanced Phone Cleaner offers powerful Anti-malware features to protect your android device. It provides real time protection against the harmful cyber threats that could steal or harm the sensitive information stored in your phone. Besides this, the android phone cleaner exhibits Secure Browser to browse data on the Internet safely. Moreover, you may also use other features to manage your device and enhance your android experience.

Lock your phone with passwords

Locking your phone and apps with Passwords is advisable to protect your device. However, make sure that you don’t have the same password for everything. It is better to keep a strong and unique password that you could remember. However, remembering all the passwords is not practical. Thus, use a password management application or password managers.

Passwords managers are very useful to hide your passwords, generate ultra-strong passwords, and auto-fill your login details. Some good password managers are Dashlane, Enpass, Lastpass etc.

Use device encryption layer

Never keep your sensitive information in your phone or tablet in a generic way. There are various ways through which you protect this data by using an encryption application. mSecure and File Hide expert are few android applications that may help you encrypt the sensitive information in your device. You may also use the following steps to encrypt your phone.

  • Navigate to device’s Settings>> Security.
  • Choose “ Encryption phone”.
  • You will view the Encryption message and the phone will reboot.

Enable remote lock and wipe

What if your phone gets lost or stolen? No idea! Android phone actually offers a great solution to protect your data when it goes missing. With the remote option offered by an Android device, you may ring, remotely locate, wipe and sign out of your accounts remotely. You may enable this remote lock option by using the following steps:

  • Go to and sign in to your Google account.
  • Navigate to Apps>> settings>> Google.
  • Tap on Location to allow Google to access the location of your phone.
  • Tap on Security. Tap on “Remotely locate this device’ and “Allow remote lock and erase” to enable it.

Lock your phone with pin, password or pattern

Locking your phone is the most basic way to keep your data safe and secure. All the android devices offer locking options to protect your device from unauthorized access. You may easily lock your phone by putting a Pin or Password or Pattern. Some high notch android devices also offer fingerprint, voice recognition, iris scanning, face recognition option to lock and unlock your device. To enable lock options,

  •  Navigate to Settings>> Security.
  • Tap on Screen Lock
  • Tap on the screen lock options you like- Pin, Pattern or Password. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set Pin or Pattern or Password.

Update Your Apps

Updating your phone and apps allows you to offer a secure environment to your device. The system update and app update includes important and relevant bug fixes, security patches, feature updates etc. To update the android system, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to Settings>> About Phone. 
  • Tap to check for Updates. If there is an update available, you will find an Update button. 
  • Tap on Install/ Install Now, Reboot and Install/ Install System Software. 

To update the apps of your phone, 

  • Navigate to Google Play Store.
  • Tap on Menu or three horizontal lines >> My apps & games.
  • Select the apps that you want to update.
  • Tap on More.
  • Tap to Enable Auto Update. 

Use two-factor authentication

Two factor authentication by Google allows you to secure your gmail account. It keeps the sensitive phone data synced to your email safe and secure with a two factor authentication process.

To enable the 2FA or two factor authentication on your Google accounts, follow these steps.

  • Go to My Account >> log in to your Google account. 
  • Click on “Signing in to Google” link under section, “Sign-in & security”. 
  • Click “2-Step Verification” in the section,  “Password & sign-in method”. 
  • Click on “Get Started.”
  • Enter your Google Account and Sign in. 
  • Enter your phone number. Select how do you want to get code by choosing anyone option- Text message or Phone call. Click on “Try It”. 
  • You will receive a code via text message or phone call to share the code. Enter the code and click on “Next”. 
  • Click on “Turn On” to complete the 2-step authentication process. 


VPN or Virtual Private Network offers an encrypted connection between your phone and VPN’s provider servers. It helps you browse data safely without any worry of  hackers. To encrypt your phone data using VPN, you may install the third party VPN apps. To use VPN, you need to install these apps, launch it and choose the location of VPN server to start using it. The best VPN services you may try are NordVPN, ExpressVPN and F-Secure, Freedome VPN etc.

Don’t follow link in SMS

Most of the sensitive information is leaked through the SMS. Hackers use SMS to send links containing viruses and share the unsafe apps that are malicious for your phone. Thus, the best way to escape from the scammers and hackers’ grip is to avoid following links in SMS. Similarly, avoid clicking links sent in emails.

So, secure your phone device data with these amazing android tips and tricks. Enjoy a smooth, secure and worry-free experience on your Android now!

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