How to test the performance of Antivirus Suite Software before you buy?

Why do you need to test antivirus performance before you buy?

It is essential to test antivirus performance before you buy. There are several antiviruses in the market. For a person with less or no knowledge about them, it is tough to choose the best.

It is better to browse or take help from a professional about how to test antivirus performance. You would like to have an antivirus that gives better performance.

An antivirus with slow speed or fewer features is of no use. Companies make attractive advertisements and pamphlets to attract customers. They might add something in them that is not true.

This is one of the ways to increase their sale. You cannot trust them. As per the company, the antivirus could perform the best but not all the features.

It is advisable to make a list of things that you should test before buying an antivirus. It is a waste of money to invest in a low-performance antivirus.

Antiviruses are installed at least for a year, and you can’t work with an improper antivirus. Invest in the best antivirus for long term use and know how to test it.

How to test antivirus performance before you buy?

You must be wondering that we should test the performance, but how to test? Here are some things that should be tested.


Malware is one of the most common threats. It has caused damage to many big and small organizations. It is something that should be checked first before buying antivirus.

Everyone looks for the software that can give protection against this. AV-Test is one of the ways to test.

It tells how effectively the software can give protection from malware. It includes the following tests.

Blocking- It uses malware samples to check whether the antivirus can block the malware attack. It also indicates whether the antivirus can block the latest attacks or not.

Malware zoo- This portion uses previous thousands of malware samples. It indicates how well the antivirus can respond to the known malware.

Companies promise to give protection from malware, so it is important to check whether antivirus can handle even known malware. Kaspersky Antivirus is considered as one of the best for malware protection.

False positives- It checks whether antivirus can sometimes detect a negative malware file to be positive.

System remediation- There are two tasks for antivirus when malware enters a system. The first is to block it in the way, and the other is to clean or remove it.

The test indicates how well antivirus can block and remove malware. You can say it tests the efficiency of the antivirus.

Speed tests

Speed matters a lot when it comes to the performance of antivirus. AV-Test checks it through the following parts.

System’s performance- Suite antiviruses can slow down the performance of your computer. AV-Test examines through various common PC tasks, such as starting and shut down, and opening of files.

It appears as if a real computer is working and antivirus is working for it. Older computers face such problems of slow speed. Sometimes advanced systems can also face such issues.

Speed tests- It checks the time under which a suite can check a large amount of data with malware. It conducts on-demand and on-access scanning. On-access scanning is more important.

Antivirus with a slow speed cannot give you complete security. Threats like take advantage of it to attack the system.

Design and Usability

After conducting the above tests, AV-Test comes to its design. It checks how easily antivirus can be operated. It uses time-based trials to test this.

Though these points are not very important still need to consider before buying antivirus.

It even evaluates the copy given by the company. It also checks the installation process. It is just a part of overall testing. Majorly the test focus on other things of the antivirus.

It checks whether the interface will create a problem in the future or not. It checks whether the weight of the antivirus will affect the computer or not.


At last, AV-Test conducts an overall check to ensure whether it is perfect or not.

It looks at all the features of the antivirus to ensure finally that the app is fit for you. It does the final task for you to approve the antivirus for you.

Final verdict

Before buying anything, we always check it thoroughly. The same is with antivirus. It is better to test its performance before using it. You can browse or take help from an expert to find other ways to test.

Make a list of features you want in your antivirus and check accordingly.

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