Best and Free Websites To Learn English Online

English is a language in which you can talk or communicate with people all over world. More then 400 million people in all over world using English language to communicate. English is very easy if you are interested to learn this language, if you want to express your thoughts or skills then you have to improve your communication skills and English too. So learning English is not hard and not also easy but if you want to become expert in English and don’t have proper time or guide. Then here I am with a very useful article for you as here I am sharing Best and Free Websites To Learn English Online and these websites will improve your English. You know English can increase your confidence to talk with others and it will also help you to impress your clients or colleagues.

Not only that today in almost every field demand of English is high. No matters what’s your age but you ou must have great knowledge about English language. You must know how to write, read and speak English. As per the modern generation who doesn’t have knowledge of English is a dull person. Also, people give respect to those who speaks English. That’s the reason you should learn English now and for that you can use the websites to learn english online free.

Websites To Learn English Online

If you are not interested to join coaching classes then you can use these below given websites to learn English. On the internet many websites which are running and teaching English free online. But it also makes hard to find out the best and free websites to learn english. But don’t worry because here I am sharing best list of the websites which are best and free to improve english. These are best and very useful to website to learn english.

 1. Learn English Free

Learn English Free is a best place and you can learn English online easily on this website. Interesting fact about this website is that they offers a chat room where you can talk with other to improve your talking skills. They also provides guides on Vocabulary, English Grammar and they also have English fun games and quizzes etc. Since 1999 this network is teaching English online and still going. So it is the best website to learn english  through internet.

2. BBC Learning English

From 1943 BBC is teaching english to global and they offers free audio, video and text stuffs to learn english online. BBC is also a famous radio channel and is translated to 30 different languages. On this website they teach grammar, vocab and all about English by their quizzes, PDFs, Video or Audio.

3. Voice Of America

Voice of America is great website to learn english too as it provides classroom of a real world basis to learn American English by engaging student with latest news on various topic like world, USA, Business, Health, Education etc. With the help of this website you can easily stay in touch with real American English and also can practice for improving your english language skills. This site will not only improve your communication skill but it also increase your general knowledge by engaging you with latest worldwide news. Isn’t it interesting?

4. – English as 2nd Language

A great and powerful website to improve your English. It helps you via material, tips, quizzes, videos to improve your grammar and vocabulary exercises etc. This website means covers various topic like Beginning English, Intermediate English, Advance English, speaking, grammar and new lesson plan for TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge and much more.

5. English Central

The English Central is a website where you can learn english with their video player. They will show you videos to teach vocab in-context of the video and then speak using video as a model. English Central have both free and paid options and it depends on you to choose. This website covers topic like Academic English, Business English, Career English, Media English, and Social English much more.

6. Elllo

Another great resource for learning english and you can a lots of stuff to improve english on this website. But you can use free membership for the first month and after that you have to pay some money for continuing your membership.

7. Examenglish

Free website to learn english online and have a great resources to teach english. You can learn english without paying money from this website and if you are trying to learn English for the first time i.e. as your second language then this website is for you.

Few Other Websites To Learn English Online

  1. English Daily
  2. Talk English
  3. USA Learns
  4. British Council
  5. American English

Over To You

May be my article can help to those who wants to know How To Learn English Online Free. I mention here some of the best and free website to learn english online. Now it depends on you to choose any one of these websites and all these websites are great to learn english. But if you have any website which can be include in this list then you can share that website in this list by commenting below. Don’t forget to share these online English learning websites with your friends.

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