Best Apps Available On The iOS Platform

iOS app development refers to creating applications that can be used on devices running on the iOS Operating System. Being the most popular choice in terms of quality, Apple backs a great no. of users. Investing in your first iPhone is one of the best choices you make over the other available options. With flawless user experience, dynamic applications, and trusted security and authentication, Apple has proved to maintain its brand equity. 

If you are new to the Apple community, it welcomes you with numerous features for enhancing your experience. Here, you might get confused over what applications you should download. With the availability of more than two million applications, it’s not an easy choice to make; but if you have your list of requirements sorted, it can work out for you. 

Whether you are a content producer, consumer, or a prosumer, Apple has all in store for you. It offers various applications, be it social media, health, fitness, or music. Various iPhone app development agencies work very hard to present their consumers with the best promising solutions. 

Here is a list of apps, which might prove useful for you. 

Social Networking


Its official application may not be as saturated as Facebook. Twitter, as one the most preferred social media platforms’, developed its niche. If you have a Twitter account, you will be wanting its official application for your iPhone. If you would Siri to post tweets on your behalf, you will surely need Twitter’s application.


Instagram’s popularity is hidden by none. This social media platform houses a community of brands, marketers, influencers, and bloggers. Today, major digital and PR campaigns run on Instagram. It is one of the most used and preferred platforms for digital marketing. When it comes to social photography, it is one one the most used social platforms. If you are social media frenzy and want to embellish your social life, it offers excellent opportunities. Moreover, with Intagrams’s official application on your iPhone, you can grace the word with your perfectly captured moments.



With an infinite number of mobile users, Whatsapp happens to be one of the most popular messaging apps’. Here, you can send, share photos, videos, files, and chats internationally; also, you can make group video and audio calls and plant group chats. With its ease of usability and innumerable benefits, almost every smartphone has a Whatsapp application installed.


It helps you connect virtually with people all over the world. It offers excellent quality video and audio calls. The ongoing pandemic has made virtual connectivity over this platform more frequent; various MNCs use this platform to connect with their employees and conduct interviews. Hence Skype app can be a useful application for your iPhone.



It is one of the most helpful apps available on the iPhone. Today’s digital world requires numerous passwords, and it’s not easy to remember them all. 1Password app stores all the passwords for you. Whether it is credit card information or profile information, you can store it all. The best part offered by this app is that you only need to remember one password for logging in; the rest all remain saved in the applications. It’s even better with the iPhone, as you can use touch id, face id, and fingerprints as your password. This can highly be vouched for being one of the most useful applications on the iPhone.

Microsoft Office

Word, Powerpoint, Excel are some of the basic requirements of a computer using humans. With smartphones replacing computers, almost every documentation can be done through a phone. Here, Microsoft office comes as a savior as it enables all the necessary tools required to draft and manage the documentation. With Microsoft Office 365 subscription, one can access all files on his or her iPhone.


Apple Music

Being a part of the Apple ecosystem, maximize your benefits. With Apple Music, you have full access to Apple’s wealth of tunes. Here, you can create your playlists, listen to top albums and latest songs without buying them. 


It’s similar to Apple music, but it isn’t just like Apple music. The benefit of Spotify is that you can stream music without having to pay. You just have to listen to your songs into shuffle mode. It also offers a variety of podcasts. If you haven’t subscribed to Apple music, downloading the Spotify application is a good option.

Streaming Media


Downloading Netflix goes without saying. Netflix offers a diversified variety of content. It is one of the most preferred OTT apps’. It lets you stream thousands of movies and shows on your iPhone. 


With Youtube on iPhone, one can shoot his/her mini-movie, edit it and upload it, all in one go. One can also watch some helpful and realistic videos all through the day. It is undoubtedly the quintessential apps to have on an iPhone. 

Cloud Storage


Keeping your important files handy without taking up much storage space in your iPhone, Dropbox is the best available option. You can store your images, files, videos, and movies all in one place; without having your iPhone memory being full. 

Google Drive

It is another excellent cloud storage service that allows you to store your important files, pictures, videos, etc., but needs to have a google account. Many people use Google drive as sharing files here is easy. So, if you use a google account, you can install Google Drive on the iPhone.

Fitness and Health


Fitbit enables you to count the number of steps you complete in a day. Fitbit app is handy, as you wouldn’t need a separate device to monitor and track your steps. If you take any of the Fitbit’s wearable trackers, you can integrate it with your iPhone. Moreover, this app is a very useful fitness app. One should try downloading it on their iPhone.


Others may include app varieties like navigation, reading, and weather, etc. Under these categories, we have applications like Google maps, Apple books, Dark Sky, etc.


Apple is a people’s favorite brand, and it leaves no stone unturned in making its user experience better. Hence, make the best use of the essential applications provided in an iPhone, as it is very hard for an iPhone app development agency to develop and launch an iOS app.

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