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10 Best Book Cover Maker Tools You Must Try in 2020

An attractive book cover is what grabs the user’s attention toward the book. A book cover indicates what’s inside the book in a creative form. The book cover can be a piece of artwork with the name, which depicts readers while reading it. Making book cover designs has become easy these days because of the availability of book cover makers. Back then, one needs to hire a cover design to help with creating the book cover design. But now, with various book cover makers available to people, they can easily create a design they like with just a few tools. Here are the 10 best book cover maker tools which you can try out in 2020.


DesignhillDesignhill is a website that sells graphic design. Also, it has a blog that helps users understand the concept of graphic designing and showcase their design. They have a book cover maker with which users can pay Designhill for getting a cover design, and fill out all the requirements and how you want your book cover to look like, and Designhill will design one for you. The best part about the tool is the 100% money-back guarantee offered by them. Also, users get 24/7 customer support to have all their queries answered.

Adobe InDesign

Adobe is one of the biggest software companies known for developing creative softwares that can be used for graphic designing, video editing, and various creative tasks, including photo editing, rendering software, audio software, after effects, and many more. One such software by Adobe is InDesign, which one can use for making custom book cover designs. The software can make posters, flyers, brochures, ebooks, books, magazines, newspapers, presentations, and much more. The software covers all the designing needs in the printing media. When brought in use with other Adobe software, creating book cover designs can be quite easier with Adobe InDesign.


CanvaCanva is the software that does everything, be it Youtube thumbnail, channel art, book covers, visiting cards, or any other such task. The software is available for free for all the devices such as iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android. The software has various templates that one can use for creating their custom designs. It has its editor tool apart from the templates, which you can use for creating your design. If you create a book cover for the first time, then Canva is what you can prefer using.

3D Box Shot Maker

3D Box Shot MakerThis is a free book cover creator tool which has an easy to use interface. When it comes to designing a book cover, you will need a design that looks Stunning and can please the readers’ eyes. With a 3D box shot maker, making book cover designs can be quite easy. You can use the front image and side image as the input on the tool, generating a final image. With this tool, you can easily create a shadow and a reflection of the final image.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best software that can be used for editing images and does the job of creating book cover designs. Adobe’s software environment can be the best book cover maker that one can use to create appealing book covers and various other artworks. Adobe Photoshop allows you to import and export images and all your designs to all the extensions. Also, you can install 3rd party plugins to enhance the efficiency of the tool.

Adobe Spark

Adobe sparkAdobe spark is another book cover maker that allows you to create book cover design from your writing. You can get multiple book cover templates which you find apt to the niche of the book you are working on. With various templates available, you also can customize the one you are using. Creating a book cover that depicts the book’s summary is possible when using Adobe Spark to unleash your creativity.


PostermywallIf you are looking for a book cover creator, then you can, for sure, try using PosterMyWall, which gives you the ability to customize and edit your book cover as per your requirement. The app allows you to get images of all types by connecting to Getty Images, Pixabay, and Flickr. You can start using the free version of the tool, but it comes with low resolution, so eventually, you will have to shift to the paid version to get a high-quality version of your design. However, there is no knowledge required for graphic designing to start with creating your designs with PosterMyWall.


GIMP is one of the best software you can use if you are looking for one without any cost. GIMP is free to use, and there are no hidden charges applied when using the software. One benefit of using GIMP is that it has tools and features similar to high-end creative software like Adobe Photoshop. Resembling high-end software, one needs to learn how to use the software to create their designs.

Blurb BookWright

Blurb book cover makerBlurb Bookwright is free to use the app, which you can prefer using. It has various learning resources that one can use to get insider knowledge about the software and create an appealing book cover. Not only the tool allows one to create the covers of the book but all its interiors. Blurb BookWright can create interiors of the books with image-heavy genres, such as cookbooks and photography books.

Ecover Go

Ecover Go is a photo editing tool that can be used for making book cover designs.  Using the software, you will be able to create ebooks, book covers, and 3D models. It has 200 different book covers which one can prefer using for their books. The users can use Web-ready resolution, as well as a transparent background. This software allows users to render more than 75 book covers with one go.

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