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The idea of converting physical stores to ecommerce shopping cart applications have been inspiring many store owners across the globe. Definitely, every eCommerce enthusiast would like to be recognized as a widely renowned brand and desires to earn profits from consumers across the globe. Online retailing is the sale of products through the online platform instead of selling them via offline physical stores to consumers directly.

It involves shopping cart versions, provision to various payment methods, and digital catalogs. A versatile and agile e commerce free software development tool which is potent enough to cater all of the agile marketplace requirements is important. Things might become much easier for the user when the platform is also open for customization and change requests that are required for creating such ecommerce shopping cart applications completely custom built for yourself.

Sellacious is an ultimate eCommerce shopping cart development tool which is built following the high standards for backend layout for admin control, high standards of backend coding, and high quality of themes available for store owners to build the website of their dreams.

Within some 15 minutes, a store administrator can configure your web store with the plug and play enable/disable plugs. Even a person with no technical knowledge can create their online marketplace without any hurdles. In situations where a major chunk of effort went into setting up the framework for creating and managing the web store, configuring how your product catalog will look on the storefront, efforts have reduced to considerable extent when using Sellacious as the platform.

Store admin can add products, categories, integrate payment plugins, and corresponding catalog, and start earning profits. Also, multiple stores with similar or different products and variants under the same brand hoarding can be created with ease. Moreover, the themes offered in the enterprise version offer professional-looking landed pages with SEO optimized content and hashtags. In addition to that integration of popularly used API for payment, security, price calculation, etc. could be done with Sellacious.

Staff members hired to manage the marketplace could be assigned roles and designations with associated permission and access level to configure the marketplace. Advance permission for sellers in a multi-vendor marketplace by admin and permission level for different roles could be defined by the store owner when using Sellacious. More than that, opening and closing time of the store can also be defined. Creation of an omnichannel PWA compliant marketplace could be achieved on the fly with a platform like this.

Sellacious is a robust, flexible, scalable platform offering 99.9% uptime and robustly performing servers. Anyone can literally create b2b, b2c, c2c, niche or multi-vendor-vendor marketplace to any scale at minimal cost by using more than 5000 eCommerce features available for free. Later on, you can scale up by signing up for the enterprise version.

Adding on to the PWA compliant application which will be responsive on all screen sizes and also an omnichannel point of sale could be built solely or with guidance of the core development team. In fact, e-commerce applications for booking, products for rent, products on EMI, services, and tickets could be created at absolutely no cost.

Sellacious is one of the top ranking eCommerce development platforms. In fact, it will help you overcome various challenges one might face which when using other platforms. Some of the marketplace features are:

Web Design: There is absolutely no issue if a store owner doesn’t have technical knowledge of creating an interactive web page. Since Sellacious provide a great space for customization to its users, there is no need to create a web store from scratch.

There are around nine templates available for free which could be downloaded and could be edited through the drag and drop based template editor. Rest, much advanced themes could be found in the succeeding version of the platform.

Shopping Cart: Add unlimited products, images, and visuals, text, and descriptions to boost sales. Also, like a fully featured eCommerce development platform, Sellacious takes care of the checkout and payment processing. A store owner can customize the checkout process in order to eliminate the redundant process of cart checkout.

Customer Service: We believe that customer service is the main source of retaining existing customers. A satisfied customer may or may not post good feedback for a vendor or the product they have bought. But, an unsatisfied customer would definitely post a negative comment in the feedback form. We believe that customer service is one of the major sources of retaining existing customers.

Marketing: Custom created user centric discount or promo codes could be offered to the users via various promotional campaigns created and ran via the platform. Sales promotions could be done either through sale invitations, referral discounts, email campaigning, free shipping, coupon generation, discounts, and other discount options.

Users could also up-sell or cross-sell the products. To help customers buy products with complete assurity and trust, admin could enable the feedback for vendors, products, packaging, shipping, and other custom fields.

SEO: Use Sellacious provided SEO tools to get better ranking of your store and products on various browsers when any shopper searches for exactly the same or similar product. The inbuilt plugins would also suggest the user highly trending hashtags to associate with products to be uploaded in order to increase their visibility.

This is just the beginning. There is a lot more to explore and experiment using Sellacious. Check out the detailed documentation of this portal and get started with your own website within 15 minutes.

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