Dog Bite Laws That Will Help You Get Compensation

If you have gotten bit by a dog, attorneys in Lincoln, CA can help you get compensation you’re your injuries. Who’s responsible for the dog bite? States have different laws regarding who’s responsible for a dog bite. Some states are very strict and have a “strict liability” law that means the owner is always responsible for their dog biting someone. They can’t claim that they didn’t know their dog was dangerous and would bite anyone. In the eye of the law, they are still responsible. Some states have a “one-bite” law that removes liability to an owner for the first bite from their dog. They can claim they didn’t know their dog would bite someone.

Dog owners in California are always responsible for their dogs. They have laws that state that their dog must always be enclose on their property and on a leash in public spaces. They are responsible for any damage caused by their dog and will be held liable in any lawsuit retaining to restitution from injuries or damages caused by their dog. In California, a bite refers to contact with the dog’s teeth. Skin doesn’t have to be broken for it to be a dog bite. If you have been bitten by a dog contact a Dog Bite Lawyer in Lincoln, CA to help you get compensation you’re your injuries regardless of the laws surrounding liability.

There are a few exceptions to this law, and you could be found partly or fully liable if you break them. One of the exceptions is if you were trespassing. If the owner’s dog is enclosed on their property, they are following the law. If you trespass, that gives the dog a reason to have attacked you. Another is if you provoked the dog in any way to bite you. Being invited onto the property returns the liability to the dog owner as they are responsible for how their dog acts.

Regardless of how the bite occurred, contact your local Dog Bite Lawyer in Lincoln, CA to get compensation for your injuries. If the lawyer proves the dog owner is responsible for the bite, they will get you money towards any medical bills or loss of wages that resulted from the injury. Even if you think you might have gone against the few exceptions, there is still the chance that the owner can be found partly responsible. It’s important to advocate for yourself and your attorneys will do the same.

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