Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Building A House

People are social animals because they live in a society. And if you want to live in the society, you need a house. When a number of houses are combined, a society is formed with the neighbourhood. So people have to build houses. But before building a house, one has to keep some things in mind as a human being. One of them is that the house should not have a negative impact on the society or the environment. Besides, before building a house, one has to think most about its infrastructural aspects. No one will go to build home for two days in a row. If a natural disaster like an earthquake or a fire destroys a hobby house and it causes loss of life, then both the investment and the threat to life remain.

Therefore, the house should be strong, durable, and environmentally friendly. And there are several things you should consider when building a home to ensure these things that are discussed below:

Appoint engineer:

Just as an architect is needed to build a beautiful house and build warehouse, a civil engineer or a structural engineer is needed to build a strong structure. The person will give a balanced design of foundation, rod, and cement of your house. Which will protect the house from earthquakes, storms. These are your home doctors. Do not neglect at all. Forgetting a little today may cost a lot in the future. Your investment and life will be at risk. So hire a structural engineer or consulting firm before building a house.

Test the soil first:

Have you done soil test before building the house? Be sure to get evaluated by a skilled geotech engineer from a good organization. Among many, this work is severely neglected and tends to save money. Please never do that. Soil testing is a very important matter. Be sure to talk to your civil engineer or structural engineer before testing the soil. Because he will tell you how deep you have to bore with the height of your building.

Choose proper Bricks:

It takes more bricks than expected to build a house. It is very difficult to calculate the exact number of bricks needed to build a house. However, in the case of bricks of the prescribed size, about 480 bricks will be required for every 100 square feet of construction. The price of a truck of bricks in the country, a truck has about 3,000 bricks. With the advent of new technologies in the world, innovation has come in almost every sector. Bricks are usually made by burning the soil which is deadly harmful to the environment. However, the new technology is also making bricks that do less harm to the environment. So if you are environment conscious you can choose eco-friendly bricks.

Select best Rod

When it comes to building a house, steel bars or rods come right after bricks. Steel bars / rods are used to make the building strong and durable. Basically, the skeleton or structure of the whole building is made by attaching one steel bar or rod after another. Don’t just look at expensive companies or buy cheap rods to save money. Rather look at the quality. Make sure all the rods you are buying are from the same grade and the same company. Find out which grade of rod is mentioned in your design.


Cement, like bricks and rods, is an essential element in building a house. Cement is the material that holds the whole building together with other elements. And according to the requirements, the amount of cement also takes a lot. The quality of cement is relatively good in our country. However, you can check the test report before buying. Consult your structural engineer if necessary. After buying it, keep it in a dry place so that it does not need water. If you open the cement before work and see that the cement is become congealed, change it. Don’t take any risks. Casting is not a national task at all.

Other things that you should keep in mind:

  • Look at the grain of sand and buy it. So that the FM of the sand stays right. Sift through a sieve before work so that there is no dirt.
  • Curing after welding is done. Especially columns, beams, roofs. If necessary, wrap the sack so that the water can hold for a long time. This will hold the cement well. With less water, cracks will appear like light hair and the concrete will not get its proper strength.
  • The hiring of suitable construction workers is very important. All your plans to build a house can be ruined if the construction workers are not skilled. In this case a sub-contractor may be appointed who will oversee all the construction work.

If we want to have a developed civilization like the developed world, our installations must be beautiful, strong, durable and versatile.

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