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Facts and Fiction About Roulette in 2020

Roulette, as one of the most popular casino games of all times, has a series of myths and beliefs tied to it. We won’t cover the different betting systems here – those are a separate breed of myth tied to this popular game, and deserve a separate article, or maybe even a series of articles. Or even a separate book, there are so many.

Well, this article does not cover the betting systems associated with Roulette, but the myths and superstitions tied to it. Let’s begin with the wheel.

All roulette wheels are different
Well, this is a myth that might have had its share of truth back in the day, when biased roulette wheels in real life casinos could be exploited by watchful players, but nowadays the strict standards of the gambling industry ensure the randomness of casino games, including roulette. In online casinos there can be no such thing as a biased wheel – the wheel in this environment is a graphical representation of the results of a random number generator software.

Spins are not random at all
Another myth busted, for the same reasons as above. Real life casino personnel is trained to be as fair as possible, while online roulette wheels are operated by certified random number generators that make sure the game is totally random.

You can beat roulette if you use a betting system
No, you can’t. The outcome of roulette is governed by only one thing: probability. Some bets have better odds (such as even / odd or red / black), others have worse (such as single or straight bets, or betting on zero), but the chances of each bet to be successful are the same at every table, at every casino, online or otherwise. No system can predict the outcome of the next spin.

No zero was spun all day, it’s due to come
Another myth – gambler’s fallacy, or the maturity of chances – determines players to bet on one number or another since the first introduction of roulette in the 17th century. Players tend to think that if a certain outcome has not been realized for a period of time, it is due to come shortly. This is another myth that’s not true: the randomness of the game assures that there is no influence a spin can have on future spins. This is another myth that has caused many players to lose important sums or go bankrupt at the roulette tables. Don’t fall for it.

Keep these in mind when you play roulette, and don’t have false expectations. Don’t fall for false myths and superstitions, but rely on your luck and your self control to avoid losing big.

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