Fall Trends 2020: Pick Up All The Wardrobe Staples Now!

The fall season brings a new wave of trends to every fashionista’s life. The greatest season to add some layerings and meanwhile to stay a bit revealing. As autumn involves a mixture of both the weathers — summer and winter — warm breezes blow in the daytime, and at night it gets chilly. All this makes this season the best to wear whatever the heart desires!

It’s time to rock all the Genuine Leather Jackets, which you were hesitant of before. Take out the things you already have in your closet because that’s what you will do this year — styling the wardrobe staples you already have. Well, if you have already gotten tired of the ones that you have, then it’s never too late to go out and pick them up now. Let’s have a look at the trendiest pieces for this fall season.

Leather Jackets:

Leather jackets are the top layers that end all the arguments about fashion trends. They are the timeless staples that don’t know how not to suit any season. From winters, summers, to fall, these pieces of layers are the jack-of-all-trades. The best part about them is that everybody has them in their closets already!

You can go for other monochromatic shades like navy, brown, maroon, olive-green, or tan. Why monochromes? Because they complement the aesthetic vibe of this season. So, wear them over your basic t-shirt and jeans outfit or a formal shirt and dress pants outfit; they would give you a classy fashion statement.

Trench Coats:

Staying on layering, there is an alternative to leather jackets, which are the trench coats. As fall brings all the retro aura back, the long coats are the best choice to attain that look. They can be dressed down or dressed up, belted or without a belt, and in different lengths. These are the hottest top layers of the fashion shows’ runways — what could be better than to look up-to-date?

There are many designs and colors available in them, too, just like leather jackets. Faux suede trench coats, double-breasted trench coats, or single-breasted ones, find the one according to your favorite color and slay the season this year in the classiest way.

Skirts and Dresses:

These outfit saviors are also the all-rounders which serve all the seasons. You can go anywhere in them, from the workplace to weddings. Wear the gorgeous florals, midi dresses, and skirts this fall season, and you can even go for one step ahead to make them fall-appropriate by layering them with suede and leather jackets.

There are many designs in these staples as well. Slit midi skirts, and ribbed midi skirts in skirt outfits and feline floral dresses and cupro-blend midi dresses in dress outfits would be the trendiest choice. Slip skirts are also a super-chic choice for this year’s fall season.

Sweaters and Cardigans:

These outfits are worn for comfort and ease, not keeping fashion as a priority. But this fall season, this comfiest chunks of clothing are going to give you a dope appearance. Sweaters and cardigans are the best ways to stay warm on the cold nights and feel cozy in the daytime.

Take out your big oversized sweaters from the closet and style it this season because they are the trend. Chunky knits are also in. So, go for cool designs in sweaters like turtlenecks, pullovers, and crewnecks to look the classiest.


The denim jeans are another evergreen pieces which are not going anywhere this autumn. Either blue, dark blue, light blue, or black, they stay with us every season. This year, go with the high-waisted ones or the skinny-leg ones. Pair your crop tops and tank tops with them and look the sexiest.

Other fabrics like crisp indigo, faded blue, and shredded ones will provide you with an edge. Jeans go with every color and style, so stay easy with them, accessorize the look, and take aesthetic pictures to attract more followers on your Instagram handle — because why not!

Sneakers, Loafers, or Heels?

Sneakers will give you the warmth that your feet need in the cold night out. They look cool, no matter what you pair them with. From complimenting the midi dresses to jeans, they will make your fall season the comforting stylish. Loafers are alternatives.

If you are looking for some extra glam, then go for ankle boots. Block heels will give comfort, and if they are studded, there is nothing cooler than this. Heels are not going anywhere, so don’t get sad. Go for close-toe heels instead of the classic strappy ones. Nudes and off-whites would be the best choice for this season.

Tote or Baguette Bag: 

Complete your fall-special look with a nicely-sleek tote bag. They are handy and even have enough space to carry all your accessories. If you want something unique, then go for a baguette bag. Pair them with your Leather Jacket Outfits or any other to get a classy appearance. These bags are easy-to-carry, so you won’t get annoyed when enjoying the glass of your latte!

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