Flowers for beautiful occasions 

Flowers are among the best gifts ever considered and you might be shocked to know that flowers have been existing on Earth for more than 130 million years. And what more can be said, flowers are one of those things that just makes us feel amazing on a gloomy day. A beautiful bouquet or just having a few flowers around our house or in a garden is a very nice and warm feeling and we just want to keep it with ourselves for a long time. Talking about the beauty of flowers and how good they are how can we forget that there are so many occasions when we use flowers and it’s just so that any occasion whether in India or any other country is incomplete without flowers and we have occasionally these flowers however there is no particular location to give a flower give it to anyone at any point of the day and they would be delighted. Some occasions on which we use flowers include weddings, funerals, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and a lot more, you can also send flowers to Mumbai or anywhere else for any of your loved one’s special occasions to make their day beautiful. But just imagine how beautiful our house looks once it is decorated with some fresh flowers like hydrangea, bulbs, tulips, roses, pansies, colorful baby’s breath, and a lot more. So let’s check out the flower decoration for various occasions – 

1) Amaryllis for Wedding Anniversaries


Whether you are celebrating wedding anniversary this year or maybe in the upcoming year because you just got married there must be some particular flowers that you can give your wife and a force even though there are so many species of roses and tulips that people say that you can give the perfect flower for wedding anniversaries decoration and even along with her gift is the amaryllis. Amaryllis represents love and determination. You have to work for the other person and that is why they become one of the best flowers. After all, a marriage is standing on these two pillars of love and determination towards each other. Amarilis is available in red and white shades, pink, salmon, apricot, rose, deep burgundy, or crimson red and many are a mixed combination of two different colors. 

2) Calla Lilies for Valentine’s, Birthdays and Tea Parties 

Calla Lilies

Well, we all celebrate Valentine’s Day as birthdays and tea parties hosted for a particular purpose. And when you have to attend such occasions it is important to add on a beautiful bunch of flowers along with the gift that you are taking. Gifts for valentines days and birthdays depend on yours and your friend’s choice. but if you are attending a tea party in particular then you should take some homemade cookies cake or maybe you can purchase them at a local bakery along with calla lily because they are regal and elegant. A flower carries such beautiful expressions within itself you need to honor its value and make sure that it is a put to use on a proper occasion. Because of the COVID-19 era, it’ll be better to order flower delivery in india or anywhere else to send them to your loved ones. But just make sure that you have done enough analysis on the color that you’re giving two people because even though it might not affect you they can be affected by the color. After all, each color has its importance and this differs from flower to flower. Some famous colors of the calla lily are pink, purple, yellow, and black. White calla lilies  are a symbol of innocence,  while pink calla lilies signify appreciation and admiration towards other human beings or loved ones. A combination of both can be given to your employees along with their birthday gifts. 

3) Gardenias to make every day beautiful


Remember the day when you felt most joyful because even though they were no reasons you are just happy and full of joy being alive and fresh in the morning or any time of the day, maybe you didn’t have any work or whatever the situation be but such feeling can also a row house in your day-to-day life if you keep a pot of gardenias near your table or in your house. Yes! you got it right gardenias represent joy and it has so many colors that you will be tired of purchasing them but wouldn’t ever get enough of it some of its colors include red, pink, pale yellow, burgundy, wine, crimson red, peach, and a lot of hybrid colors might be available too. are you think of making anyone’s day beautiful or is it just you are you must purchase gardenias because they are full of joy. 

4) Hydrangeas as an expression of perseverance and heartfelt emotions

Hydrangeas are a native to Japan and are a beautiful flower available in so many colors. It has 75 to 80 species and who knows there might still be some unknown species available. Although people have objectified roses for Valentine’s Day the best part about hydrangeas is that they represent our heartfelt emotions and perseverance. when you lack words to express your emotions towards any of your loved one’s hydrangea as are the best possible flowers to give to them or to know the meanings of various colors before giving them otherwise your attempt could end in vain. Make sure to add flower and cake delivery to make it an amazing surprise for your loved ones or show gratitude towards your colleagues.  

There are so many flowers found around the world which are special to everyone, the specialty of these flowers differ from occasion to occasion wherever they were used. Like in Indian weddings, marigolds are used in huge quantities because of their yellow color and religious values. We might have occasionalist flowers, but they remain just flowers to themselves and that is why you can give any gift you bring to any of your loved ones, it’ll be incomplete without flowers. 

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