Gift Basket Ideas for Out-of-Town Wedding Guests

The sacrament of holy matrimony only happens once, well most of the time, and if it does happen twice, it’s okay as long as you are happy. It is sacred in nature and is the time where two hearts are given the chance to spend a lifetime together and build a family that will make them complete. I have seen a lot of weddings and every time I attend one, it brings tears to my eyes. Needless to say, it is one of the most important moments for both the groom and the bride and is also where they tend to make it special as much as they can.

Now the great question is what is the best thing to give away to out of town guests during a wedding. Of course, not all of the people that you invited are from your town that is why it is indeed important that you decide what to give away during your special day. And honestly, during my wedding, the best choice was to give gift baskets because they are handy, presentable, and frickin’ cute. Now if you are a couple whose wedding day is coming near, here are some great gift basket ideas for your out of town guests.

  • Wine and cheese

The good old wine and cheese gift basket does the job every time. Guests can enjoy your personal selection of wine and locally made or imported cheese or cheese snacks and can be consumed for later or right away. I remember that I recommended this to my sister-in-law and she was really happy about the comments of her guests.

  • Chocolates and Candies

Who said chocolates and candies were for kiddie parties only? You can actually use them as giveaways for your wedding especially if your guests are from out of town. Remember that some guests might have children along with them that is why it is a great idea to give them sweets.

  • Popcorn

A wide array of popcorn choices is also a good idea of a wedding give away gift basket. People of all ages and gender love popcorn and quite frankly I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. Simply select different popcorn flavors and you will be seeing smiles on your guest’s faces afterward.

  • Pampering and Masculine needs 

This will definitely entice your guests because pampering and masculine needs are sure to be used. It is a common necessity especially if they are from out of town. You can have separate baskets for each gender and fill them up with your choice of lotions, perfume, aftershave, facial wash, and other pampering necessities.

  • Candied and Dried Fruits 

Lastly, you can also try out candied and dried fruits as a give away for your wedding because first, they are preserves so they won’t get spoiled, and second, they can be eaten anywhere and anytime your guests would want. If they are driving, they can do a lot of it while going home. That is why it is a great choice.

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