Google Reviews Widget – Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews on Website

For every business, ‘credibility’ is one of the factors that affect the overall growth and performance of every business.  

And to improve business credibility, marketers can indulge in so many ways without spending a dime. 

If you ask us, embedding Google Reviews widget on your website, then can do wonders for your business as it serves lots of benefits. 

For instance, you can get higher rankings in local SEO, boost online reputation, build customer trust & loyalty, enhance website traffic, and more. 

Google reviews also act as a marketing measure of transparency rather than just pure marketing. 

To integrate these user-generated reviews on your website, you can take help from social media aggregator tools like Tagging Google reviews Widget that helps in collecting, curating & embedding Google reviews on your website in real-time. 

Along with this, you can use features like Customization & Moderation to filter out the unwanted content and to showcase the most appealing content on your website. 

In this blog, you’ll get to know about Google Reviews widget & it’s benefits for your website!

What Exactly is Google Reviews?

Referred to as proof of the online presence of a business, ‘Google Reviews’ allow customers to write their thoughts about a product or service. They are a form of user-generated content that is shared by the users only. 

Google reviews help customers to make an informed decision about whether they want to engage with a business or not. 

And the more positive conversions your business will have, the more conversions your business will experience. 

If you want to level the playing ground for your business amongst your competitors, then take advantage of Google reviews to rank higher in local search engine results. 

In simple words, Google reviews have the power to influence brand trust, local SEO rankings, sales & revenue, and more.

To make it more understandable, we have shortlisted a few benefits of adding Google reviews on your website.  

Benefits of Adding Google Reviews Widget on Your Website

1. Helps in Increasing Brand Trust

In this digital age, trusting any brand online is quite difficult for people because of an increase in online frauds. So, how can brands overcome the trust issue? 

Of course, by embedding Google reviews widget on the website, they can gain the trust & loyalty of customers. 

These reviews are posted by real customers, based on their real experiences. 

That is why they help to bring transparency in their online work environment. 

2. Helps in Boosting Conversions

Every marketer’s end goal is to get conversions, and Google reviews are powerful enough to help them achieve what they want. 

So, to convert your website visitors into customers, you can embed a Google reviews widget on your website as these reviews help in gaining their trust.

3. Helps in Improving Click-Through Rates 

Getting clicks on your website is all you need if you want it to rank in search engine results. 

Fortunately, Google reviews increase click-through rates on your website and also end up showing your brand’s website in SERPs. 

So, embedding a Google reviews widget is an excellent way to get higher search engine rankings.

4. Helps in Enhancing Online Exposure 

Embedding a Google reviews widget on your website can be a successful marketing technique to enhance your brand’s online exposure.

As you improve your local SEO, you automatically improve your online exposure. 

These reviews help your business to show up in “Maps” so that more and more people get to know about you and therefore reach you. Therefore, the more your customers will see your brand name in the search engine, the more likely they will remember you.

5. Helps in Gaining Customer Insights

As you must know that Google reviews are of both the types i.e. Positive and Negative. 

So by embedding a Google reviews widget on your website you can get insights into your customer’s behaviors such as which product/services they like the most, what are their preferences, product use & popularity etc. 

Also, don’t forget to respond to every review as an opportunity to improve. If simply put, you can utilize every review to improve the overall performance of your business. 

6. Helps in Improving Website Traffic

Google reviews also help in getting the attention of customers as they are the most trustable form of content i.e. user-generated content. 

Therefore, by embedding them on your website, you eventually encourage visitors to explore your site. As a result of this, your website gets a huge amount of traffic. 

7. Helps in Building Stronger Brand-Customer Relationships

As you respond to every negative review, you let the unsatisfied customers know that you care for them. This ends up building a strong brand-customer relationship.


Instead of all the expensive marketing & advertising tactics, you can now easily grow your business just by encouraging your customers to leave reviews. This way, you can keep your marketing game a notch higher than your competitors.

Read all the aforementioned benefits of integrating Google reviews on your website to know how they can help your business.

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