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Best Hair Straightening Brushes to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair straightening brushes are one of the latest innovations to hit the shelves of cosmetic stores. They are plentiful available both online and stores near you at affordable rates. The brush and the straightening tool allow you to straighten your hair in a matter of seconds and are augured as the new generation of hair straightening tools.

Advocating which hair straightening brush you need is a little bemusing, but without a shadow of doubt, it goes without saying that the right tools can make all the difference. If you can successfully decipher what each of the hair straightening brushes and combs does and decide which ones are right for you, you’ll never use the wrong tool again and get the perfect hair you want.

But this is a question man and women ponder alike – All best hair brush to prevent hair loss produce amazing results, and there are so many of them! Which one do I choose? Brushes are exotic, baffling and floundering. If every brush or comb prevents your hair from turning into an unplanned edition of Bob Marley’s dreadlocks, how is one unique from the other? This article will help you identify your personalized hair straightening brush unique to you.

Types of Hair Straightening Brushes

Denman Brush

The ‘Denman’ brand is a London-based company that produces numerous diverse types of brushes. Technically, Denman brushes are flat brushes without air vents. The bristles of the brush are tightly packed and secured in a rubber base.

It is one of the most used brushes in salons because the teeth are close together and hence it helps to create more pressure than a vent brush. The user can get more control, further an elegant and graceful finish with this brush, unlike the vent brush mentioned below. This brush is ideal for any person with short to shoulder length hair.

Paddle Brush

A paddle brush features a broad flat base and it is ideal for detangling thick and wet hair. They are either rectangular or oval-shaped or any size of a rectangle. Paddle brush used by professionals is inclined to have more comfort than conventional brands. It has a broad base and flexible teeth. It is useful in the winter season. It is advised to use the brush starting from the end of the hair and running your way to the roots.

The flexible teeth of the paddle brush lend a hand to work through your hair with no breakage. It is the strongest suit for any person with long hair as it helps to smooth and pull out wave and curl. If your hair is a wavy or curly type, make sure the hair is well conditioned so that the brush does not cause any splintering which is probable in this case. Conditioning your hair is one technique you can carry out to put off split ends.

Vent Brush

As the name says, a vent brush has vents or empty spaces amid the bristles of the brush which permit air to pass through with no trouble. The bristles are made of either nylon or plastic. It is exclusively designed to allow air to pass all the way through so that our hair dries up promptly when it is used with a blow dryer.

As the patron has little control, the end outcome may not be satisfying. Its greatest utilization lies with the populace having short to shoulder length hair that requires a quick blow dry. To produce a fine finish for the hair, use a flat iron.

Ceramic Hair Brushes

Most of the hair straightening brushes seen today use ceramic technology which comes handy at a price more than the standard hair brushes. A ceramic hair brush has ceramic plating over the metal part. Ceramic material is a rigid inorganic material that is made from clay, and it heats up quickly. This aids in gliding the brush through the hair with ease, averting breakage of hair. A ceramic hair brush is typically available in a cylindrical or round profile and it has vents on them that permit air to bypass through. The dryer will warm up the brush as well. The heat will cause the hydrogen bonds in the hair to break down, and thus it helps to smooth your hair.

Ceramic hair brushes can heat up in a matter of seconds; hence they can be used for making wavy hair. There is a high likelihood that your hair will get blistered when exposed to the heat of a blower. While using a ceramic plate, the amount of time necessary to heat up the ceramic plate is less and even. For this reason, there is less possibility of your hair getting end up with burned spots. In addition to that, a ceramic hair brush will transmit heat to the hair at the same time as preserving the most favorable temperature. In this way, your hair can be styled easier and more rapidly, without bringing it to a standstill. It isn’t compulsory to slide the ceramic hair brush through the same region again.

Flat Irons

Flat irons have been considered the best hair straightening brushes when your hair is a bizarre version of Bob Marley’s dreadlocks. They work by heating the plates of irons to very high temperatures. Like Ceramic plates, they help break down the hydrogen bonds in hair. They are incredibly competent and effortless for usage.

They are cheaper when compared to hot air brushes that are available in the market. They also turn out quick results. But the high temperature can cause the hair to become fragile and snap when exposed to long periods of use. One additional setback with flat irons is they do not add volume to the hair. The hair will lie extremely flat on our scalp.

Top 8 Hair Straightening Brushes

1. Asavea Hair Straightening Brush

It is already in the line of second generation hair straightening brushes. Significant improvements were made on this brush for safer and efficient use on the hair.

The pricing of this product is decent. The ratings for this brush us impressive with almost 75% of the customers giving it a rating of 5 stars.

  • Easy to carry around in the pocket
  • 6 temperature settings
  • It has ceramic iron teeth
  • The Amazon reviews are great
  • It adds too much volume
  • Hair will not be silky straight

2. Femjolie Hair Straightening Brush

This product has a good rating with over 67% of customers giving it a feedback of 5 stars. It comes with 3 color options: Black, White and Purple.

Professional swivel cord and digital temperature are some of its key features. This brush is also ideal for travel outside the US with a power adapter that is simple.

  • Easy to carry around in our pocket
  • LED digital display
  • Ceramic coated plate
  • Has money back guarantee
  • The brand is not an established one

3. Instyler Straight Up Brush Straightener

This brush promises straight smooth hair in half the time of traditional brushes. The design is futuristic and it offers two versions to choose from. The score for ergonomics is a massive 10 on 10 as it is much for comfortable than other brushes around.

There is no frizz because of the ionic technology and the cool tip technology of the bristles will ensure that your hands will not get burnt. This affordable brush is worth the try, and the auto shutdown feature is also a great one.

  • The brand is a well established one.
  • 2 product versions that are affordable
  • Easy to carry around
  • Nothing worth mentioning

4. Jose Eber Digital Straightening Brush

A new brush, claims to work on all hair types and it does well in that. The tips of the bristles are coated in Silicone so it does not burn out your scalps.

Being that this brush is a lightweight model, it reduces the risk of arm and wrist ache. It is expensive, but for people with thick curly hair, it is worth the money. For other people, there are other alternatives.

  • It is a top designer brand
  • Adjustable digital temperature 450F
  • Silicone bristle tips
  • Ceramic bristles
  • Buttons are located on the handle
  • Expensive Brush

5. Sutra Beauty Ionic Heat Brush

Promising fast straightening with great results, this brush comes from a luxury brand. For very thick and curly hair, it is probably one of the best choices out there.

But for medium thickness hair, you would be better off with other alternatives. It uses infrared to keep the temperature at a constant value.

  • The digital temperature is adjustable up to 450F
  • It incorporates anti-frizz technology
  • Very costly
  • It is not quite effective on roots

6. The Wet Brush TS2 Super Smoother Electric Hair Straightening Brush

It is a relatively easier to use brush. The speed and precision are impressive for this. This brush heats up pretty quickly and does not snag or burn your hair. The cool tips ensure that our fingers are safe.

You can expect super smooth manageable hair as an outcome of using this brush. The infrared from this brush ensures that our hair remains relaxed. The only problem might be with the volume but otherwise, for the cost, this brush it is a pretty decent product.

  • Mid-market price for this brush
  • The bristles are intelliflex
  • 450F maximum heat
  • It does smoothen rather than straighten

7. Conair Diamond Heated Smoothing Brush

Conair is world reputed for hair care, and the world trusts them. They are used for all types of hair. Their latest product is the Diamond heated Brush. This incredible brush promises beautiful shiny hair along with more volume. Frizz is banished as this has the ionic technology embedded in it. The detangling comb and flexible bristles add on to its value. The three different heat settings make sure that there is no burning of hair.

This brush does get very hot so use a glove and never use it on wet hair.

  • Top professional brand
  • Ion formation is an added bonus
  • Easy to carry around
  • Ceramic and Silicone coating
  • Smoothing rather than hair straightening

8. Electra Hair Straightening Brush

Keeping speed and ease of use in mind, the Electra Hair Straightening brush was made typically for the women.The power of a dryer and the precision of a styler is incorporated into this Brush. Brushes and straightens in one step for less heat damage. Smooth, frizz-free results in half the time can be expected from this brush.

Tangle-free bristles and two heat setting and a cool shot setting are the other key features. Provides 1000 watts of power and is a slimmer design for ease of transporting and storing. The hot air brush and styler cause less heat-related damage and other issues. And it comes with a three-year warranty.

  • Has an unbeatable time of 2 minutes straightening time.
  • Anion technology helps in smoother hair
  • Provides volume also to the hair
  • Burn protection
  • Heat up time is very less

    How to Choose the Best Hair Straightening Brush

    • Opt for ceramic brushes as they offer more protection and is much safer.
    • The nibs should be checked because, in the older ones, the nibs can come off.
    • The brush should not pull on your hair too much.
    • The heating time should be fast enough.

    How to Use Hair Straightening Brushes

    • Only use them on dry hair. NEVER use them on wet hair.
    • All the tangles & knots should be removed, so brush your hair before using the straightener.
    • Section your hair out before using the brush
    • Always heat up to the right temperature. Start gradually and increase the temperature until you find the optimal settings.
    • Use always heat protecting spray
    • Of the brush heats up to a high extent use gloves for protecting your fingers
    • Cool tip bristles are the best always. Opt for them.
    • Opt for a lightweight one if you are a person with long hair. The process will take longer and you do not want to end up with aches.
    • Ionic benefits are important as they provide smoother hair.

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