How 5G Smartphones Can Change One’s Lifestyle?

Over the past couple of years, few countries were involved in what was dubbed the “5G race”. The United States and China in particular wanted to showcase their superiority by delivering the fifth-generation of wireless networks. 5th Generation wireless systems, abbreviated as ‘5G’, are wireless networks which not only offer faster internet speeds, but also significantly change the way we live, ushering in a new era of modern convenience through smart appliances. 

5G is also expected to have the capacity to connect billions of devices and appliances through the Internet of Things (IoT), resulting in the realization of autonomous vehicles and better healthcare. Built with five technologies, 5G also has less latency, which improves one’s mobile experience, while also achieving download speeds of 1Gbps!

It comes as no surprise then that brands in India have also started rolling out with 5G mobile. Realme and iQoo managed to beat the competition by unveiling 5G phones in the country earlier this year, but brands such as Vivo, Samsung and OnePlus haven’t fallen far behind, and have also launched their own 5G smartphones in the country. With the 5G network now becoming a hot button-issue, below are a few ways in which 5G smartphones are expected to alter our lifestyles in the near future.

No More Avoiding Crowded Places

We’ve all experienced slow internet speeds while being stranded in a crowded place. With 5G coming into the picture, we no longer have to worry about walking out of an event to answer a phone call, send a text message, or browse the web on our smartphones. Experts have also opined that 5G technology has been designed to provide consumers with a consistent level of performance, and for a wirelessly-connected society.

Play Console-Quality Games Through Cloud-Connected Servers

Over the past two years, we have seen an increase in the number of young adults who are engrossed in mobile games, largely thanks to popular mobile games such as PUBG mobile and Fortnite. 5G technology is expected to further revolutionize the gaming industry, by letting consumers play console-quality games on their smartphones through cloud-connected servers.

Considering 5G networks will be able to connect mobile phones to the cloud in a more reliable manner, apps can run heavy operations from the cloud. This in turn will enable smartphones to perform better and faster, and consumers can also play high-quality, graphically-intense games on any device, by streaming the game on their smartphone or their television sets through cloud-connected servers. According to multiple reports, Realme RMX2072, Realme’s latest phone which is set to be rolled out later this year is a 5G handset, and has been reportedly designed exclusively for gamers and mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Stream Videos No Matter Where You Are

While 3G technology focused on providing wireless internet, 4G technology emphasized on broadband on mobile phones. However, while 4G LTE has been good enough to stream songs on music apps, 5G is expected to change the way we consume video content.

According to industry experts, through 5G networks, consumers can stream videos no matter where they are, and no matter how good or poor the signal may be.

Control Appliances and Devices Through Smartphones

The Internet of Things (IoT), in conjunction with 5G will allow consumers to seamlessly connect all the appliances and devices, paving the way for smart homes. Leading brands such as Samsung have already made their intentions clear about introducing more IoT or connected devices, which can be easily and conveniently controlled using smartphones, once the Indian market embraces 5G connectivity. Xiaomi, once again establishing their dominance in the mid-range segment, are ready to roll out with Redmi K30 5G, the most affordable 5G smartphone in India, which is also expected to be the best mobile under 25000.

The existing smartphones will not support 5G network, as mobile phones require the latest chip to support 5G connectivity. However, according to early projections, subscriptions to 5G networks will exceed 2.6 billion by the year 2025. 5G is expected to revolutionize the way we operate, and will undoubtedly change our lives for the better.

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