How to Get Paid Apps For Free Without Jailbreak for iPad, iPhone

This is the very best trick to get the paid apps for free. This trick will work in all iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod, This is the best magic trick to get paid apps for free. It will be miracle for you too. Start download the paid apps for free.

There are a couple drawbacks to cracked apps. First, if you are using them to access free apps you can’t get on the app store. But if you are using cracked apps to get paid apps for free, that’s illegal and comes with its own can of worms but don’t worry you’ll tutorial you.

You need to use Third-party app stores collect or duplicate free apps so you can download them to your heart’s content. Also consider that it may be more difficult to find cracked apps that work without a jailbroken phone, so always double check your apps to ensure they will work on your phone. Remember the possibility that the cracked app will contain malware, it’s one of the risks of going this route and cannot easily be avoided but you don’t worry we have tips and tricks to download pain apps without need money.

These sites differ from the sites listed above because the apps are not necessarily cracked, they are often foreign sites, they may require downloads, and they typically specialize in apps that don’t require jailbreaking.

Using a Third-Party App Store

Using a Third-Party App Store

7 Simple Steps or 7 Ways to get pain apps free ( It’s too easy )


vShare offical website

Open Safari browser and go to the vShare offical website.


jailbreak click on Download

After opening the website you will see an Download logo. if you device jailbreak please click Download ( Jailbroken ), but if you are not yet jailbreak click on Download ( Unjailbroken )


install vshare

A pop up will appear on the screen asking your permission, whether to download or not. Click on download button. if it doesn’t appear please close that tutorial IOS9 then it will pop up to ask you install or Cancel


After downloading, install it.


the vShare app

Now tap on the vShare app and you will get like this picture ?, Just go to setting, General after that,  go to Profiles



Now you will see ‘ Trust ” …………………. ” just click on it


Click on Trust

and it will ask you Cancel or Trust, Click on Trust


Free Without Jailbreak for iPad

Search the app in the search box. Here you can search for a paid app and get it for free. The search result will be obtained on your page click on install. After install you will see the paid app on your home screen. if you missed any point please contact us.

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