How to Monitor Employees in working hours with OgyMogy

Every workplace is filled with many kinds of people in general. Some like to work alone, some are too loud to work with, some are bossy, some are shy, some are overconfident, others lack it. In short, working among all kinds of people and then pushing them to do the best according to their strengths is a tough job. First, you need to know about their strengths and weak points and then you have to take them side by side to work as a team for the organization. It is a hard job for an employer to keep an eye on every employee’s work personally and know about their strengths. So having a monitoring software is one solution to this problem. Infact this is the smartest solution as a monitoring app can help you know about even those employees who have never been in the highlight spot or are introverted type.

There are many monitoring apps available in the market which offers many features. They have different pros and cons.  Some offers free trial others have abundant packages to offer to the customer. But we are here to discuss one the best spy app that can help an employer to keep an eye on all his employees. This one is known spy app. OgyMogy supports Mac and windows system and offers an android version for smartphone users. You need physical access to install the spy app on a smartphone or laptop just for once. After that no need to physically access the gadget as you will have remote control over the device.

Observe and Hear Them:

OgyMogy has the camera bug and surround listening app that allows the user to watch or hear the target person in real-time. You can watch if the employees are on his position or not and can hear their discussion and chats. This feature can help you to find any bully in the office as well.

Watch Their Screen Activities:

OgyMogy helps you to find out who is busy with work in the office hours and who is just having an image of a busy bee. The app has the screen recording feature which allows the user to watch the screen of the respective employee at any given time. You can also watch the screen recording of all the activities or have the screenshots captured by The OgyMogy.

Keep Their Online Activities Under Surveillance:

With OgyMogy you can keep an eye on all the online activities of your employees with timestamp. You can check if someone is busy with useless browsing, Netflix, or any other entertaining site like online shopping, etc. Employee monitoring software gives you remote access to the bookmarked folder of the target employes as well to let you know about the frequent visiting sites and their interests. So keep an eye on their online activities with tracking app and make sure no one is wasting time and resources in official hours. You can filter the sites allowed to visit by the employees in the office by using the website filtering feature of monitoring app.

Keep Company’s Ideas Safe:

Confidentiality is the key in the corporate sector and every employer wants to keep their ideas safe and secure. OgyMogy can help you with that. If you are suspecting any employee that he might be sharing any information with outsiders you can check it with the help of OgyMogy. The keylogging feature gives the user access to all the passwords of the target person device. All the keystrokes applied on the target person device are captured by keylogging feature. Thus you can check their email s, etc to know if someone is sharing any kind of information whether in a document or any other media to outsiders.The software also gives access to the photo folder of the target person thus any suspicious image file will be reported to the user in case some employee tries to leak any information by capturing the image.

OgyMogy is one of the most efficient and smart spy apps available for monitoring. You can use it for different purposes, for example, parents can use it to keep an eye on their kids or can use it for elders safety.  Employers can use it to monitor the employee’s activities inside or outside the workplace.

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