How to Solve Blue Screen error in Laptop

Today most of people are looking How to Solve Blue Screen error in Laptop, because they are facing issue in laptop, So today we will fix the Blue Screen of death on Laptops, you will need to diagnose the problem by testing the culprits like the hard disk, temperature, and RAM. It depends on the problem which you may need to run the virus scan, perform a repair installation, repair faulty hardware, or clear up hard disk space, among other fixes.

Blue Screen error in Laptop? 

Follow all these step for solve this issues.

Determine if you changed anything recently

It is the most common cause of the Blue Screen of the recent change in your computer’s settings or hardware. It is related to the new drivers getting installed or updated. The Drivers are often which allow your hardware to communicate with windows. If you have the restore point, try to load and see if it helps, it may or it may not.

Because of there essentially in the Infinite number of hardware configuration possible, the drivers cannot be tested for the every possible set up. It means that the sometimes a driver will be installed which causes a critical error when communicating with the hardware.

Check your computer’s internal hardware

Sometimes, the poor connection inside the computer can cause the Blue Screen. Open your case and check to make sure that all the cables are firmly connected and that any cords are seated firmly in their sockets.

It is difficult for the laptops. You can check the hard drive and RAM to make sure that they are connected properly. It will remove the panels in the back which covers the hard drive and RAM with the small Phillips-head screwdriver. Press the components firmly into their connections.

Check your computer’s temperature

The overheating can lead to your hardware malfunctioning. The most common components to overhead in the graphic card and the second most likely are the CPU.
You can check the temperature in most BIOS menu’s or through the software in windows.

Test your RAM

The most common culprit the system crashes is the bad stick of RAM. You can also test your RAM by using the program called “memtest 86”.

Reboot your computer and run the program. The memtest software

will automatically begin the running test your computer’s RAM. It may take minutes to complete.

Test your hard drive

Run the “chkdsk” function on your hard drive the scan for the errors and fix potential problems. The failing hard drive will cause the Blue Screen due to the corrupted files. To run the chkdsk, open your computer and right-click on the disk which you want to scan.

Strip your computer down to the essentials

The one way is to narrow down what is causing the problem while removing everything which is not essential for the PC to run. If the error went away, then you know that it was one of the pieces which may you disconnected.

The desktop computer needs the CPU, power supply, motherboard, hard disk, keyboard, and RAM. Plug your monitor into the mother board’s monitor port so that you can disconnect the graphic card. The everything can be removed during the diagnostic process.

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