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How to Take care of Wavy Hair Before It Gets Damaged

My curly hair shows who I am.

Wavy hair is not only a beautiful hair type but gives you a variety of beachy to sleek looks. However, it requires constant maintenance and care. Keep your wavy hair in shape with these simple and easy tips. Your wavy hair will look flawlessly beautiful with the knowledge of how to wash, style, and maintain them.

Wash Wavy Hair with care

Invest in a good shampoo, ladies.  Remember to use a hair shampoo that is explicitly made for wavy hair. Choosing a shampoo that is made for straight hair won’t give your hair the proper care and result that it needs. Add bounce and definition to the waves with the right shampoo. Avoid using too much shampoo while washing hair. Limit washing, and wash only when your wavy hair feels oily or dry. 

Know your shampoo – You should really consider any problems you have with your hair before buying a shampoo. Buy a sulfate-free shampoo because it prevents and controls frizz. 

Conditioning wavy hair

Always use a conditioner for perfect flow.

Based on your hair type, buy a conditioner made for wavy hair. For better results and to make hair soft, try to find the conditioner that comes along with a shampoo. Always make sure to use the conditioner every time you wash. Apply the conditioner only to the mid-shaft through the ends of your hair. Note that conditioners made for curly hair can work for wavy hair as well. Prevent wavy hair from drying up by choosing an organic conditioner.

Wash with cold water

Wash your hair with cold water for smooth hair

Hot showers may feel great, but they are not good for any kind of hair, especially wavy hair. Use warm water because it allows the shampoo and conditioner to work into the hair. Rinse hair with cold water to achieve silky, smooth hair. The cold water helps seal the cuticles and retains the moisture from the shampoo and conditioner. 

Sleep with buns before bed. 

May your hair grow overnight.

Put hair in buns before bed to help maintain waves to prevent tangling. Always make it a point to air dry your hair; apply a styling mousse all over your wavy hair. Put your hair in a twisted bun. This will help you maintain soft wavy curls and makes your hair easy to maintain in the morning. After washing the hair, towel dries your hair, apply a styling mousse, and then put your hair in buns. Wake up in the morning with beautiful textured soft waves in your hair.

Dry hair naturally by air drying.

Never let anyone dull your natural hair.  

Air drying is best for drying wavy hair because it keeps the moisture in the hair. Also, avoid using a hairdryer and hot styling tools to prevent dry hair. The heat from a hairdryer breaks and damages hair and leaves the waves fragile. Make sure to apply a heat protectants product to your hair before styling and low heat setting blow-drying. 

Use a comb a wide-toothed comb. 

Use a wide comb for your smooth hair.

A comb that works for straight hair won’t work for wavy hair. Use your fingers to detangle hair and experience less hair fall and breakage. A wide-toothed comb is good for detangling hair. You can use a wide-tooth comb to detangle any knots. Keep in mind to always separate wavy hair tangles by combing at the ends of your hair and up to the roots. Avoid combing wavy hair at the roots because it makes combing hair difficult. 

Also, do not use any brush because it can cause breakage and ruin the shape of your waves. Combining your hair while you are still in the shower makes it easier to comb hair while the hair is still wet.

Maintain Wavy hair with products

Best hair product for wavy hair

Control frizz and maintain waves by using a styling product or hair mousse. For smooth tangle-free hair, divide your hair into at least four sections before applying the product. Use a smaller section as it allows you to coat every strand of hair. Apply the Indique Hair product, and at the same time scrunch your hair, squeeze it for a few seconds, and then let it go. This way you instantly get natural wavy hair.

Say no to heat styling tools. 

Say no to tools to style your hair.

Avoid hair straighteners, flat irons, and curling irons, because they damage your hair and make the waves look frizzy. Use them sparingly, and apply heat protectants for less damaged hair. 

Avoid frequent dyeing hair and using chemical relaxers, because chemical processes severely ruin wavy hair. It can be hard to recover hair from that kind of damage. The best thing you can do to your hair to keep them healthy is to use an organic hair dye. Make sure to use deep condition before and after the coloring hair to protect hair from further damage. 

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