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Khas Bedsheets Add the Perfect Decorative Touch to Your Room

Bedrooms are where you spend an important part of your daily routine life. It is a place where you want to relax and have quality time with your loved ones, hence the comfort of this room is of utmost importance. Since bed is where you will sit or lie down while trying to rest or to enjoy your favorite show, the bedsheets on your bed has to be an uber comfortable one. It must be soft and aesthetically appealing to enhance your overall experience. A good sheet will improve your sleep quality as well, so make sure to invest in high quality sheets. Khas has the most exclusive and luxurious bedsheets available in different fabrics to make the selection easy for you. All sheets are fade resistant and made from the finest fabrics.

An Impressive Range Available

Get the perfect high thread bed linen of your choice from the vast Khas bedsheet 2020 collection that has bed sheets in all kinds of designs, colors and fabrics to match the color scheme and mood of your room. 


We have a vibrant range for kids bedding in stock. This comes in bright and fresh color schemes with kid friendly designs and themes with their favorite toys and characters on them. Your kids will absolutely love to have these on their bed. And if you are looking for some formal ones, then there is a complete range of grand embroidered bed sheets. These are perfect for newlyweds, lending just the right kind of decorative touch to the room that gives it an elegant edge. With lavishly designed embroideries these bed sheets look like a piece of art spread on the beds. They give the room a special feel that the occasion calls for and add a charm to the overall look.

Sale is for a Limited Period, But the Bed Sheets Last For Years to Come

The cherry on top of the cake is that Khas is offering bed sheets sale, so now is the best time to get these awesome sheets. Avail the deals and buy them now when they are available at discounted prices, because bedsheets never go out of season and good ones can last for years.  The choices are many and all you have to do is pick the one you like from the bed sheets sale online

Add Extra Comfort, Throw in Some Cushions

While relaxing either on your bed, sofa or couch, you can add extra comfort by cushioning yourself in the velvety softness of quality cushions. Check out our light and breathable cushions that come in the most striking and magnificent designs, textures and colors. The cushions we have can match any color theme, add style and comfort that you are craving for. The more the cushions, the better it is. Nothing feels as good as cuddling up with the fluffy cushions in your bedroom with a hot cup of tea after a tiring day. So go ahead, get cozy with them.


Khas has cushion covers for both formal and informal use in different sizes and shapes. Add a rectangle piece as a design element or mix and match and play with shapes for a unique look. You can get cushions for the lounge, bedroom or kids room from our huge collection. 

For bedrooms pick the ones that go with your bedding. Fur type, velvet material or the plushest of fabrics will be more appropriate. These cushions can complement your bed set and pillow covers, so you can always go for neutrals or these can be in contrast  to add a bit of color to the room, whichever way you like. By picking the right color and design of cushions you can enhance the entire mood of your room. There are abstract, trendy covers in stock as well to give a contemporary feel. Apart from that you can go for stripes, florals, circles, cheques and traditional cushions as well. It all depends on which style you want to give the room. For formal settings as in drawing rooms or lounges etc you can use cushions with more rich fabrics like silk, or embroidered cushion covers with decorations and embellishments like tussles, mirror work  etc. 

Khas has entire bed sets with complete bedding accessories from cushions to quilts, if you do not want to create them yourself. From double size to single sheets, designer bed sheets and kids sheets, we have them all. 

Get the Right Fit

Another crucial element to consider while buying sheets is that you get the right fit. Having the right fit is important for being comfortable in bed. If it is short, it will keep coming off from one corner or the other and you will have to set it in place all the time. And if it is long, it will either keep dangling or you will have to make a lot of effort to tuck it under the mattress neatly. To avoid all the hassle simply get bedsheets with the correct measurements. Check the sheet sizes we have with your bed size and then shop accordingly to see if you want a single bed sheet size, double bed sheet size, kids bed sheet, the queen or the king size. Log on to our online shop and pick your favorites from the best sheets sale online. Hurry up because the best pieces go fast. 

Shop for the Top-Notch Bed Sets

While you can create your own bed sets, some people do not have the time or want the hassle. For you Khas has ready made bed sheet  sets and bed fills that can match any top class hotel bedding in terms of the luxurious experience they provide.  The special bedroom bundles come in different price ranges and packages. It depends on what you want to include or exclude from the bundle. You can get superior quality bed filling, pillows, sheets, quilts, duvets, blankets, comforters and throws. The bed fills we have are softest to give you a snug feeling because quality sleep is all that matters in the end. What you take on top is equally important as what goes under, so we have the plushest quilt covers. These quilts are so cozy that you will just want to drown in them to get comfy. Khas offers complete quilt cover sets in different designs and materials to give you more options and help you give the Khas touch to your bedrooms.

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