Lockdown Removal Services for London Businesses

There are several issues to be dealt with if you are running a business in London during the recent lockdown. Lots of business owners are not prepared for this. But with us on your side, we certainly can help you adjust. COVID-19 has changed everything, including the way people work and live. Despite this, there is an opportunity to look at how your company works and other aspect and benefit from this change.

It is no different here, and we update our customers regularly on our functions during the lockdown. Here, we will let you know how we help companies in London relocate their businesses.

We will also provide you with detailed information on our services and how they can help your business by adding value.

Relocating Your Business in London During this Lockdown

One important fact that a lot of companies in London faced during this lockdown is a considerable reduction in profit. And to make it worse, there was no decrease in rent, business rates, outgoings, wages, and other costs.

Many SMEs will face the reality of closure if government assistance falls short of the gap. This has resulted to why several businesses in London are looking for ways to save cost and reduce expenses. Many others are moving to different workspaces to improve efficiency and reduce costs. You can use this time to look at your company’s rental expenses and see if moving to a new premise will benefit you. Even though things look worse or uncertain at the moment, it might be the right time to do some budget work and see if you can save costs. Right now, many have seen that they spend a lot of money on needless things. Businesses are also guilty of this, and things are far more expensive in London.

We have worked with different sectors, including video production companies and specialists involvement groups. We will evaluate the needs of your business and help design a removal package that suits your specifications. We also give out free and no-obligation quotes so you can see how much you can save when changing your workspace.

Know What’s Right for Your Business

The truth is that in every business relocation, preparation always pays off in the end. Getting a reliable Man and van London is very important as they will handle each removal job individually. We try to get as much information about what you are moving. Your free and no-obligation quote will go through a thorough assessment process. This will help us know the volume of items necessary for your relocation.

It will also help us know the removal package and the size of the vehicle that is most suitable. We have a number of vehicles that can accommodate all kinds of relocation — be it a small, medium-sized or large relocation. The size of the vehicle assigned to you is determined by the volume of the items, furniture, and equipment.

We suggest you use our office removal services if you have larger office items like furniture or more important volume of things. We are well-versed in all types of office relocations. Ranging from start-up enterprises down to large corporations, you can count on us. We have so many clients from various business sectors, including FX trading, online education learning, boutique, healthcare efficiency, recruitment services, capital management, and several other sectors.

Most companies that are moving their offices need us to act fast. We can handle your relocation as last-minute or emergency removal jobs. This means we will fast-track our assessment process and assign a lead person to oversee the relocation. We will also provide a quote which will show a breakdown of the removal service we know suits you best.

Streamlining Your Storage and Distribution in London

In addition to the sharp increase in last-minute removal jobs, we also work with an increased number of businesses for both storage and distribution. This shift in conditions has been fast, and many companies are finding it challenging to keep up with the stress of operation during this lockdown period.

You won’t have to worry about order fulfilment or stock management if you allow us to manage your company’s storage and distribution. We have time-served experts in our team who are well trained and experienced in removals, storage, and other useful trades. We can provide you with white-glove service and also take care of any requirement assembling your equipment or goods might have.

We have at our disposals, various removal service vans in various sizes. We can handle any removal, storage or distribution job. All our vehicles are stocked with modern tools and equipment. You will have peace of mind when you use our removal company because every item will be handled specially.

Benefits of Self-Storage in Business

In narrow terms, storage is thought of as a place to effectively store items when you can’t do it yourself. With us, business self-storage is far more expansive than that. We work with lots of business sectors in London to give the highest standard of storage service at affordable prices. If you are out for a safe and secure place for your goods and work equipment, we have the right storage package for you.

We can help further by taking over your company’s stock management and warehousing duties while rationalising them with removal services. Some SMEs and start-ups can even use our self-storage units to run their business.

We have exceptional storage facilities, and our staff are available always to discuss your storage requirements. One of our key assets is flexibility. This is why many companies in London work with us. You have no reason to worry when you work with us. You also don’t have to deal with any restrictions on ending your rental agreement.

Our Services

We are your one-stop company for removals, storage, and distribution. We are also known as the “can-do” company. We are highly positive and proactive in our services and have a network of partner companies to easily undertake long-distance removals, storage, and distributions.

We also take on European and international distributions. We have access to storage depots and warehouses around the continent and all over the UK. We have the right set up for overnight international removals and haulage.

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