7 Tips and Tricks that Can Help you Play the Most Popular Video Game ‘Fortnite’

Not only is Fortnite the best game in the world, but it is also free for everyone. You can play video games anywhere you possibly can: you can download it for free for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, but also for iOS. Are coming soon to Android too

The essence of “Fortnite Battle Royale” is simple: it brings 100 players to an island in a shrinking “safe zone“. We scatter weapons and special items all over the island. The goal is to be the last person.

“Fortnite Battle Royal” may sound simple, but in reality, it is a very deep game. Besides the immediate turmoil, the battle of 100 people also requires knowledge to keep the royals alive and win.

1. Take the benefit of the training area before the game starts

As before each such game, all players must be invited to a kind of lobby, where you can collect some weapons and equipment, etc. to practice such shooting or building, which will make your game better. Can play if you are not sure about the controls; use this time to familiarize yourself?

2. At the beginning of each game, use your pickaxe on everything you can

Each such character in “Fortnite Battle Royale” must have an indivisible pickaxe, and you can destroy everything in the game with a bounce.

Make it a special target to collect special materials – wood, metal, or bricks that you used to build forts, ramps, walls, and defenses. The key to good defense at Fortnite Battle Royal is to gather material. From the trees to the boxes and the walls to the floor, the best players break.

3. Learn to build – The building is the key to your defense, and defense often means survival

This is very important for newcomers. Consider building the fastest unique buildings and ramps in a matter of seconds that can save your character if you get shot. Practice building to climb mountains and buildings faster. Keep practicing. This building is a brilliant example of your transportation at Fortnite, but it is also your best defense, plus you’ll find strewn and Med Kits on the island.

4. Your health is paramount – Prefer used items that restore your health and shield

Many items in the game can significantly restore your health or make killing difficult, your gameplay cannot be killed quickly. Shields in particular give you a much better chance of escaping this battle royal.

Bandages and Made Med Kits restore the health of your game player (the green bar at the very bottom of the screen), but only Med Kits can fully restore your game player’s health.

Shield positions and small shield positions (or “mini”) significantly restore your shield (blue bar at the top of the green bar), but only two shield positions can fully restore your athlete’s health.

It takes 15 seconds to use a Chug Jug, but it gives you complete health and protection.

Drinking Silver Juice will give you one health point per second and one shield point per second for 25 seconds.

5. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon

Snipers are a great way to fight enemies from afar, but terrible to fight from close range.

Shotguns are great when you have enemies around you, but you must be aggressive when using them. Try to jump ahead of an enemy to become a moving target.

Assault rifles are very good for extensive range but can be used close range if necessary. There are some areas. Others do not.

Submachine gun fires are very fast, but not bad at endless distances.

Pistols are good at medium distances, but fire can move very slowly in turbulent times.

Rocket launchers and grenade launchers are perfect for destroying enemy castles and buildings in one or two shots – and usually your opponents as well.

Crossbow has infinite bullets. But it is a crossbow. So beyond it is.

6. Learn each tool, and know when to use it

Now, this is Fortnite the best game in the world and Fortnite Battle Royale has several tools that can be used aggressively and defensively:

A grenade explodes a few seconds after being thrown at an enemy.

Throwing a boogie bomb will force enemies trapped in their backs to dance for a few seconds, causing them to attack you.

If you drop a Port-a-Fort grenade, a fortress will be built for you immediately. It can be used defensively, but also aggressively, as shown by Twitch Streamed Ninja.

Depending on the throwing angle, everything caught after a pulse grenade is blown up or thrown into the air. You can also use plus grenades to kill enemy players and cover a lot of land in a quick time.

If you’re still used to controlling your best game, first practice shooting and building the best building when you know you’re safe and alone before really trying to do these things in a firefight.

Take part in early and frequent firefights. Sometimes the best way to learn to control is to dive. Players are weakest at the beginning of the game. So this is your best chance to win aggressively and really.

7. Consider the rarity of everything in the game – As usual, you’ll want to grab the best of the rare, but there are exceptions

Sometimes in the game, you have to think about what you need in this particular kind of moment. For example, if you have poor health in your game and you stand between a cool looking rare weapon and a med-cut or shield medicine, you should use or store your player’s health items before considering the weapon.

Some lesser-known items are very good. Blue-tier pump guns, for example, do the most damage in the game and can generally hold on.

As this security zone of the map shrinks as you play the game, you should also familiarize yourself with the areas in the middle of the game map: these areas, such as the tilted towers, are in the best security zone during most of the time. Be the match game that gets the very best chance to stay.

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