NTSE Coaching Classes in India – Top 5 Institutes you can join

NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) is conducted to find the most intelligent and brightest school students of the country. The students who clear this exam get regular scholarships from NCERT.Being a NTSE scholar proves that you are amongst the brightest minds of the country and thus, increases your value.

NTSE is conducted in two stages, Stage 1 and Stage 2 and involves two tests- Mental Aptitude Test and Scholastic Aptitude Test. The test was started in 1963 by NCERT and scholarships to only 10 students were awarded then. But now, 1000 students are awarded scholarships under this test. However, more than a million students appear for this test, which means that to be a NTSE scholar, you really need to have a great level of skills.

As this exam is for Class 10 students, candidates appearing for this exam may need proper guidance. One may have the talent to crack this exam but without proper guidance, he/she may not be able to channelize his/her skills towards the right direction. This is where coaching centers come in handy, the expert faculty houses of the coaching centers help you get the best out of your mind, and thus, can help you clear this exam.

But the problem is that the number of coaching institutes in India is huge. Some are good and some are not. Therefore, a candidate might get confused while selecting a particular coaching center.

To clear this confusion for you, we’ve prepared a list of top coaching institutes of the country who have been delivering excellent results and have the history of creating NTSE scholars. Take a look at the list below –

ALLEN Career Institute

Allen Career is probably the biggest name in the country for NTSE coaching. It is already amongst the biggest cram schools in the country and has shown excellent results in NTSE coaching as well.

Allen started with only 8 students in 1988, but more than 6.5 lakh students have studies from the institute so far, marking its success and growth. The institute has the history of creating various records in medical, engineering and school-students’ competitive examinations.

With its flagship center in Kota, the institute has 11 other centers in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Indore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, Bengaluru, Vadodara, Surat, Bhilwara and Ranchi.

The institute has a total of 297 selections for NTSE so far, which is a very good number. ALLEN distance learning program for NTSE has also shown great results. The institute maintains a success ratio of around 25% for NTSE which proves its excellence.

Resonance Eduventures

The next big name in NTSE coaching is Resonance. Established in 2001, the institute has been delivering great results constantly. Resonance has been maintaining a good success rate of 15% in NTSE coaching which proves its excellence.

The flagship coaching center of Resonance is in Kota, but along with it, it has centers in 40 locations all over the country, which makes enrolling and studying in it very easy. Last year, a total of 168 candidates from Resonance were selected for the scholarship.

Resonance has many achievements to its name, the greatest of which is KalpitVeerval, who studied from Resonance and scored a perfect 360/360 in the IIT JEE exam and secured a mention in the Limca Book of Records.

Resonance has had 1721 selections in NTSE till date, with major number of selection from its Kota, Udaipur and Distance Learning Program.


CatalyseR has emerged as a leader in NTSE coaching as it has produced some wonderful results in a short period of time. The institute that started in a 1 BHK flat with astrength of only three students, has now become a leading coaching institute.

Apart from its headquarters at Kota, CatalyseR now has institutes in Bhopal, Vadodra, Nashik, Surat, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Gwalior.

The institute has a record of producing many city and state toppers. From 2009 to this year, the institute has a record of 390 selections, which is a huge number.

In 2015-16, a total of 44 candidates from this institute got selected for NTSE scholarshipwhich is again, a very good number. CatalyseR has produced state toppers in Gujarat and MP, and city toppers in Indore and Nagpur. CatalyseR is a famous name in IIT JEE coaching as well.


FIITJEE has received some excellent results in both NTSE stage 1 and stage 2 examinations, which makes it a big contender in the top list of NTSE coaching institutes.

FIITJEE started in 1992, and this, year it celebrates 25 years of its establishment. Started by R K Goel – an alumnus of IIT Delhi – as a coaching institute of IIT JEE, FIITJEE has become a leading name in many other competitions as well and is famous for raising the intelligence level and thinking capability of students.

The institute aims to make India a global leader in education.

The institute posts some outstanding numbers in both Stage 1 and Stage 2 selection of NTSE. Some of these are – out of 63 stage 1 selections in Delhi, 52 are from FIITJEE; out of 8 stage 1 selections from Chandigarh, 6 are from FIITJEE and out of 42 Stage 2 selections from Haryana, 20 are from FIITJEE. These numbers are really impressive, making FIITJEE a great choice for NTSE coaching.

Aakash Institute

The next name in the list is Aakash. With 160 coaching centers throughout the country, Aakash Institute stands amongst the biggest names in coaching institutes in India.

Started in 1988 with only 12 students at a center in West Delhi, the institute showed early signs of success when 7 out of these 12 students cracked the medical entrance exam they were preparing for.

Today, it has developed so much that more than 1.5 lac students study every year from Aakash Institute.

Last year, the institute reported more than 140 selections in NTSE. It provides many scholarship benefits for NTSE coaching, making it a great selection for NTSE coaching.

Being an NTSE scholar can be really beneficial. Not only you will get scholarships for study, but it also adds a huge value to your profile. Whether you are looking to study in India, abroad or want to do anything in your career, the NTSE tag will always be helpful.

NTSEhelps you testyour talent but guidance from proper teachers and experienced faculties can help you crack this exam with a better score.

So while looking to choose any coaching center for NTSE, do check their performance and consistency of results properly. NTSE application forms are available now. Do not miss out on filling it if you aspire to be a NTSE scholar. Good Luck!

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