Online and Live Tarot Card Readings – Understanding the Difference

Every day people experience the ups and downs of life. There are the good days and there are the bad days, and sometimes, the bad days take too much toll on the mind, resulting in various negative vibes, thus making the person disconnected from the world. But of course, this is how the wheel of fate turns, sometimes you are at the top, sometimes you are at the bottom

The only sure thing about life, however, is its unpredictability. And with these people often result in activities to cope up with the stress that they experience. And one of the most common ways is through fortune-telling, and the most famous method of fortune-telling is through tarot card readings.

Tarot card readings go way back in the 14th century. What was once a game made for a royal family turned into a worldwide sensation that took the world by storm during the 1900s. Today, it is still practiced and has helped thousands of people reinvent themselves and turn their downs into ups. 

Traditional live tarot card readings involve a deck of tarot cards, consisting of 78 pieces each with its own unique character, symbol, or figure. There is also a spiritual medium that will ask the client a question and will interpret his or her findings through the cards that were selected by the client. More often than not, mediums and long time clients prefer live tarot readings because they say that they can feel the energy better, thus, making the prediction more accurate.

On the other hand, online tarot readings, now made possible through the advancement of technology, is now available on the world wide web and is very popular to those who do have trouble getting to the medium’s location. In this setting, the reading is done either through chat, email, or phone call. Some may wonder about the accuracy of not seeing clients face to face but the thing is, the “energy” required by the medium in order to give you a good prediction can also be sensed as long as there is a connection between the client and the psychic.

There is not much difference in the techniques used with the two, the only thing that sets them apart is the physical setting. An actual live tarot reading is one of a kind experience and is a must-do for dedicated practitioners, but with today’s situation because of COVID-19, it is much better to resort to a much safer setting. I am not saying that live readings are unsafe, but there is a bigger chance of catching the deadly virus if there is physical contact. Even with gloves, masks, and barriers, the virus might still make its way to the body.

So for today, I would recommend experiencing online tarot reading first just to be safe. We don’t want sickness to be part of our fortune right? And better yet, I am recommending if you want accurate and detailed interpretations.

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