Safety Tips For Lone Women Travellers

Planning and research  – is an absolute necessity before travelling. While investigating the coolest urban areas and pristine beaches, also look up detailed safety information about your destination; transportation and medical facilities/information, safety ratings and reviews of chosen hotels, etc.

Don’t travel without travel insurance. In case of robbery, travel insurance provides you with the necessary security – lost luggage, medical emergencies, and other such expenses are generally reimbursed. Examine prospective travel insurance policies in detail.

Important items – like passport, medication, cell phone, camera, credit cards, laptop, jewellery, etc. should be kept in the bag you carry all the time. Avoid keeping these in a general backpack/bus luggage hold/check-in luggage.

Explore your destination and hold fast to the neighborhood clothing standards. Check with local people and different travelers what social/local customs should be aware of, and observe them throughout your stay. The more you stand out, the more vulnerable you become to criminals.

Book accommodation in a luxury hotel if you can afford it.  It is additionally okay to remain in a little boutique inn where you can straightforwardly cooperate with the proprietors. Knowing some of the local people helps, and it is always wise to keep a map handy.

Stay in constant touch with a friend and/or family member who has your full itinerary– flight/train and accommodation details, and your complete schedule. Additional information like bank account details, travel insurance, etc. may also be provided.

It is a good idea to check-in to places via social media. That way, enough people know your whereabouts, and should you get into trouble, locating you becomes easy. At bars/restaurants, avoid getting over-friendly.

Avoid public transport at night and if you must, opt for taxis with call services. Never flag them down in the street when alone, never ride in an empty bus or train at late hours. In overnight train journeys, choose an upper berth; and where possible, ride in women’s cars/take a seat next to women. On buses, try booking seats at the front. Avoid late night arrivals at your destination.

Always have some hidden backup cash and a secret spot for a backup credit card.

Save copies of important documents to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Docs. Keep your credit card and bank account numbers stored in a document. This gives you a temporary financial buffer for emergency situations.

Most importantly, trust your instincts. Travel safely, independently, and have the time of your life!

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