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Septic System Designs And What They Are Good For

There are plenty of new septic system designs to choose from when installing one into your home or business. Different styles are better for the type of land you have while others might be better for larger establishments.

Here are some of the septic system designs and what they are good for.

Conventional Septic Tank System

This system is the cheapest septic drain field design on the market. It’s also the most common for homes because it’s easy to install. They are often the first choice because they have low maintenance and low cost. The conventional system features only the septic tank and the leach field where gravel helps filter the wastewater. The next step up adds a pump tank to help the water reach the distribution box in the leach field.

Mound Septic Tank System

This is becoming a popular option for homes and businesses. The mound system is great for land that isn’t deep enough to filter the wastewater. An engineered mound is built on the property to help filter the water. The set up of this mound septic system design resembles the pump conventional septic tank. The difference is that the water runs into a pipe on a mound of sand where the wastewater can be filtered before it reaches the soil. The downside is that this system is considerably more expensive than a conventional system.

Enviro-Septic Treatment System

A new design that is increasing in popularity because it treats the wastewater in the pipes before it is dispersed in the soil. The pipes used in this design are wrapped in fabrics that assist in the filtering of the wastewater by using natural bacterial processes. This design requires oxygen for the aerobic bacterial treatment, so vents are needed to bring in oxygen for the process. This system can be higher in cost than the conventional tank, but it requires so little maintenance that it can even itself out.

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