Slots or Roulette? Which One is More Batter

Slot machines and roulette are both great games, and are both considerably popular in offline and online casinos. Both games are driven by pure chance – the player can’t do anything to influence the outcome of the round. Both games have relatively low odds, but sometimes the question emerges: which one has the better? Which game one should play to have better chances of winning?

Although both games are considered very simple, the slots are much easier to play. On simple, classic slots – that usually have three wheels and a single pay line – the only decision a player must make is to play or not. On more elaborate machines the number of decisions increase slightly – how many coins to play, how many paylines to activate. Also, the chances of a winning combination are lower as the number of reels and symbols increases. This is in favor of the player by increasing the chances of a winning combination on any of these, but also means a disadvantage, as the amount of the maximum bet also increases. Roulette in turn always has the same odds – 38 to 1 for a single bet, 2 to 1 for an even-money bet.

Logic says that roulette has better odds, as the number of possible winning combinations is much lower when compared to slots. If slots have five reels, each with their own set of symbols – the number of possible permutations of these five symbols is high enough, in the order of hundreds of thousands. In roulette, in turn, the possible number of winning numbers is 37 (in case of European roulette) or 38 (in case of the double-zero, American standard wheel), and there are also bets that have really good odds (odd/even, red/black and so on), albeit these have accordingly low payouts. So, when it comes to the chances of winning the maximum amount possible, roulette beats slot machines by far.

Why are so many people playing slots then? Well, there are a number of reasons. First of all, playing slots is fun. Even if there is no real money involved, playing video slots is an entertaining activity, much more entertaining then playing video or online roulette. Although it has a lower chance of winning big, slots often offer smaller winnings to its players to keep them tied to the screen, and often also promise them a life-changing jackpot that is worth playing for.

Roulette also has its fans and enthusiasts, though, especially those playing in a real life casino environment. This game has a certain decadent noble flair associated with it, probably because casinos were reserved for the wealthy in the last century. Roulette is also more complex compared to slots, with several betting combinations and an increased chance of winning, that makes it more a ‘thinker’ than the slots.

Whichever your game of choice is, remember not to focus exclusively on winning – keep the fun in the game.

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