Solution: Steps Need to Take for Yahoo email Sending Issues

Yahoo is one of the biggest email service providers in the world, and they have a lot of money and resource. Still, they aren’t perfect when it comes to providing flawless services. Like most other email service providers in the world, Yahoo faces some issues. Issues that stop you from working or completing an important task you were about to do. 

Well, if you are having difficulty with your Yahoo mail on your PC or Mac, follow this brief article to fix the issue. 

Note: Before proceeding further, you must note that ad blocking software is common these days. And these ad blocking software are known for disturbing the working of the code. So, you must disable all browser enhancements to make sure there are no surprises later on in the troubleshooting guide. 

Let’s get started. 


If you are unable to send emails with your Yahoo account, then there is nothing to worry about. Here are a few things you can try to solve the issue. 

  • First, you need to scour the internet and check for the server errors for that point in time. If the Yahoo mail server is down at that point in time, then you won’t be able to send or receive any emails. 
  • Now, you should also check for the issues related to the network connection you are using. If the connection is poor or breaking in between, then you may face these types of issues in the account. Ensure that you have a high speed working internet connection when trying to send an email. 
  • You should also make sure that email does not contain more than 25MB. Yahoo mail does not permit its users to send more than 25MB in a single email. So, you should refrain from it and use any third-party apps or websites to send more than that. 
  • You must also check the sent folder in your email to ensure that the email is not actually sent. If you find the email in the Sent folder, it means the mail is already gone, and you don’t need to worry. 
  • If you are having the same issue with your Yahoo app, then you must reinstall the app. It is possible that you are using an outdated version of the app, and that is causing the error. Update the app to the latest version or reinstall it, and you should be fine. 
  • Well, you should ask the person you are sending, to check the spam folder in their account. Sometimes it is possible that email ends up in the spam folder, and they don’t notice it. 
  • If you are not getting around the error with any of these solutions, then you may need to employ the help of Yahoo customer representatives. You can send them emails from another account and explain the situation. 
  • If you are using the email client software like Outlook or anyone else, then it might be possible that settings have been disturbed. Ensure that you are using the correct settings for the Outlook and that will configure the IMAP and POP settings for Yahoo account. 

Here is a list of the IMAP and POP settings for Yahoo Mail.

IMAP server

  • Server: 
  • Port: 993
  • Requires SSL: Yes

SMTP Server 

  • Server: 
  • Port: 465 or 587 
  • Requires SSL: Yes
  • Requires Authentication: Yes

You must enter the complete email address and password in order to complete the proceedings. The same settings go for the POP; only the incoming mail server will change to 

So, with these steps, you can resolve the ‘Yahoo mail not working on computer’ issue with ease. Other Yahoo mail issues need to be explored by us. 

Unable to Sign in – If you are unable to sign in to your account through a computer, then there could be a couple of reasons. If you have not signed in with that device before, then it might be an issue. You will be asked to verify your account, and only then will you be allowed to your account. Or your account may be locked for 12 hours after too many unsuccessful attempts. 

Slow website and some items are not working – The issue may be with the browser you are using. So, if Yahoo mail is not loading on Chrome, Edge, or Safari, then you can try other browsers. You can try to use a different browser that you are already using or try updating to the latest version. When you update the browser to the latest version, it will have the capability to parse all new codes implemented on the Yahoo website. It is also possible that there is a network issue that is causing this error. So, it would help if you resolved all those errors to get your yahoo account working again. 

So, these are the steps you need to take to resolve the Yahoo email sending issue.

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