The Safety Of Street Bollards

Street bollards are one of the essential street furniture that is installed along the side of the road or as a boundary to your building ensuring the safety of the pedestrians walking on the footpath lane without any fear. These are not only effective in protecting the pedestrians but also in saving the traffic and roadside or another furniture place on the street from a collision. Available in a wide range, these should be visible and strong enough to hold back any relevant danger. With so much to say on the topic, below you can find a brief guide presenting the benefits and the safety of bollards.

Kinds of Bollards

Street Bollards comes in three major kinds:-


These are used for temporary work and can be removed easily once their work is done.


These are attached to the ground and are considered good for the places that typically require consistent maintenance or also public service equipment in areas like parks etc.


They are used for shielding spaces from traffic by being permanently implanted in the ground. One might see them installed in front of government buildings, shopping malls, etc. 

They can be either made from metal or plastic. 

Their essential benefits for the safety of public and property:-

Act as a protection for pedestrians: People walking along the aisle or downside of the road are faced with the continuous buzz of the busy traffic and chaos. One cannot undermine but understand the critical importance of bollards being placed between the pedestrian path and road.

Enhance the beauty of the area: Today, one can find bollards available in a variety of shapes and colors made also for offering visually striking appeal to the onlookers and thus enhancing the street appeal.

Controls Traffic: Traffics can be controlled by placing temporary or removable bollards in the required spaces. They are a symbol of directions and restriction for pedestrians as well as drivers. 

Protect Drivers: As they are used as a safety measure for pedestrians from the huge traffic, similarly they are also used for protecting the drivers on the road as they see and understand the symbols of restriction and movement reflected by bollards effectively. 

Protect storefronts in busy areas: Stores that have their fronts alongside the busy roads are at high risk of collision and threat from the vehicles. Bollards can reduce the risk of any potential harm caused by such collision if ever to the public present in the space. 

Prevent access: One of the most basic functionalities of a bollard place down a street is to prevent access either of a crowd, traffic, or any other movement for a certain or specific time period. 

Also used for giving light to the dark places: Certain areas where street lights aren’t much effective or less in number can be highlighted by placing street bollards with lighting devices. These are effective in lightening up the areas and offering a feeling of safety to pedestrians. 

In all, the bollards are used heavily as the most essential and vital street furniture concerning the safety of all.

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