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After TikTok’s ban, there has provided various alternatives for this popular short-video making social media app. These days, there is a primary mobile app that is using the framework of Flutter to build a TikTok clone. If you don’t have much knowledge about TikTok or Flutter, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will guide you with enough information about TikTok and its design and UI that are being used by Flutter to make a clone app of TikTok.  

What is TikTok?

It is an Android and iOS social media app that is used for creating short videos. Users can share these videos with their friends and on other social media platforms as well. This app was launched by ByteDance in 2017 to explore it outside China. And, since then, it has got so much popularity across the world. But after its loose privacy and security policies for users, it got banned by the government. After this, many app development companies are trying to create a clone app that can gain the same popularity as this, but unfortunately, none of them got success yet. 

What is Flutter?

It is known as an open-source mobile app development SDK built by Google. The reason behind its creation is to develop Android and iOS applications and also, building apps for Google Fuschia. In this, Flutter widgets include all the differences of crucial platforms like navigation, scrolling, fonts, and icons for offering full native performance on both Android and iOS. 

In other words, Flutter can be called the UI toolkit of Google that is used to create amazing, natively compiled apps for web, mobile and desktop by using a single codebase for all. In Flutter’s codelab, you can build an easy chat application for iOS, Android, and web.

TikTok’s Design and UI Through Flutter App 

For creating a TikTok clone script, there is developed an app template using Flutter that allows fast video streaming. It refers to the fact that this UI is compatible with both iOS and Android. This app animation is well arranged, animation added, easy to understand clean code, and so on. Here are some things that are used in Flutter for Tiktok’s UI and design-

Used Plugins

  • Cached image of the network- caching and to get images
  • Video player- to play videos from a network or server
  • HTTP- for putting HTTP requests
  • Image picker- for clicking images from the camera and choosing them from the gallery.

Design in Flutter provides-

  • Show a snack bar
  • Include a drawer to the screen
  • Extract fonts from the package
  • Using a custom font
  • Update the User interface depending on the orientation
  • Work with tabs
  • Themes to access font styles and colours

Features While Using Flutter

  • Documentation
  • Full source code
  • Latest Version upgrade freely
  • Different file for every component and page
  • Animated sign up and login page
  • Video play scroll screen
  • Splash screen
  • Flutter tab view
  • Silver app bar
  • Bottom bar
  • Alert dialogue
  • Search page
  • Message page
  • Notification page
  • Amazing screen for a signup, login, and forgot password 
  • Account setting page
  • Chat screen
  • Carousel slider
  • App setting page
  • Easy to understand code
  • Ready to integrate
  • Clean code

When it comes to UI and design of TikTok, it can be easily handled by using Flutter. If you use Flutter SDK to make a TikTok Clone app, there will be no problem replicating any UI. For making this process easy, it will be good to divide it into two steps, and it is called the UI breakdown. Through this, you can have easier to maintain and manage development. By breaking down anything, be it code or UI, you can always have better outcomes. 

Step 1: firstly, break down the page body overall, and it is to find out logical ordering. It also has a stacked widget column. And, the upper and lower parts will include a fixed height, and the middle part can be diversified.    

Step 2: Column’s second widget can also be parted into two processes that will be very much close to each other. It will also have the same procedure as step 1.    

Step 3: This is the last phase of the layout and has more details on the extra spaces.

Why Use Flutter for Design and UI?

Flutter is used for design and UI due to its open-source and free Google mobile UI structure that offers an expressive and fast method to create native apps on both Android and iOS for developers. It is also helpful to create each thing with a single codebase, use the GPU, compile to the native arm code directly, and access the platform services and APIs.      

Closing Thoughts

In this blog, we have provided each thing that is necessary for design and UI in Flutter. For TikTok clone Development, here is also described the features of using Flutter. By using Flutter, an app can get various benefits such as displaying text messages, sending text buttons, ability to run on multi-platform, etc. For this kind of development, BR Softech is providing new opportunities to developers. To avail, these benefits and chances, get in touch with our expert and the rich-experienced team who will guide you further. Make sure you have all the knowledge about Flutter and its advantages before using it for the app development. The proper use of this will provide you with a simple, friendly and extensible mobile app that will be compatible with different platforms.

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