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Top 11 Trending Cakes That You Must Try

Cakes are one of the desirable desserts of people of all ages. It is the sweet that is always present in all social gatherings. Some cakes are eaten on a special event such as birthday, anniversary, etc. and some on any normal day. There are different types of cakes that come with different toppings and designs. Every person gets an excuse to have the cake on their special day or someone else. A cake is the favorite part of every occasion.

It forms a big part of everyone’s life, no matter how much people enjoy a well balanced and executed meal. There is something that makes all thoughts of having a balanced diet slip from the mind. And that is a cake. It takes on many forms, it can be as well-loved chocolate cake or apple pie, and it can be as unique as choco-lava, black forest, or red-velvet. Nowadays, bakeries are setting new trends by offering their customers with designer and creative designs that can make any birthday party truly remarkable and memorable not only for the birthday girl or boy but the entire guest list.

So, here’s the list of new cake flavors and designs which will add spice and quirkiness to your birthday party ideas. Here are your most drool-worthy and pretty cake treats!

1 Hand-Painted:

The trend of hand-painted cakes are on the rise. The cake is painted in the same manner an artist paints its canvas. Edible colors are used for creating hand-painted cakes. You have the option to get this cake personalized by getting a picture of the birthday girl or birthday boy painted on it. 3D oil paintings are also popular. This could be the best dessert for an art lover.

2 Naked and Semi-Naked:

Both naked and semi-naked cakes are in trend. They are made appealing with floral and fondant embellishments. These cakes have minimal to zero frostings on the outer surface, thus exposing cake layers and fillings. Naked cakes are best if you want a rustic look.

3 Pearl:

For a dose of royalty, go for pearl cakes. The cake is adorned with pearls in varying designer patterns. You can get the birthday number, name of the person, or the entire cake covered with pearls. This time, you can send your dear ones creative sweet desserts like this by choosing an online bakery that sends midnight online cake delivery in Noida and other major and minor Indian cities.

4 Mirror Glazed:

Buttercream and fondant cakes are a thing of the past. This season, try glazed mirror cake. A shiny glaze made up of gelatin, sugar, and other flavorings are poured over a cake to give it a reflective surface.

5 Metallic:

Metallic cakes in shiny shades of golden and silver work well for a wedding. But, you can try them for birthday parties too. If your son has turned seven, you can go for a copper metallic cake or a silver metallic cake for your mother’s 25th birthday, golden cake for 50th birthday, and so on.

6 Gift Wrap:

Imagine a cake with edible bows and ribbons. Beautiful it is! Well, we are talking about a gift wrap cake. A vision is so gorgeous to behold that you can’t resist having it for a birthday celebration.

7 Unicorn Cakes:

One of the best and trending kid’s birthday cakes. You can team up this cake with a unicorn themed party. Adorned with pastel buttercream and golden horn, unicorn cake will infuse magic to any birthday party.

All the above party cake ideas will help you to choose the best one for your birthday party. Pick anyone and rock the surprised birthday party for kids, office colleagues, life partners, friends, or family members.

8 Chocolate fudge cake:

The rich and dissolve the in-mouth taste of these chocolate cakes makes them the widely adored. The ideal Chocolate fudge cake has rich genuine chocolate buttercream. Two layers of thick chocolate cake that stick to your fork, combined with a classic chocolate icing, which feels like a paradise

9 Cupcake:

A cupcake is a small cake that is designed in a small thin paper cup. It is different from muffin in many aspects like its batter, design. Cupcakes are served with frosting that is absent on the muffins. The cupcakes are affordable and easily available at every nearby cake shop.

10 Mini Sponge Cake:

This is an adorable small and classic cake that will make your occasion special. These mini sponge cakes are gorgeous that you also buy with online cake delivery in Bangalore. This beautiful cake is topped with fruits and cut into squares and served at a party.

11 Apple cake:

These sweet, and delicious apple cake combines the flavor of apple in retro style. Kids will surely love these cake designed with a crunchy base and dry fruits toppings.

So, do not forget to order one of these trendiest cakes for the upcoming birthday celebrations. Surely, you and your part people are going to love it!

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