Top 7 Fun Facts about Crested Gecko

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Crested geckos are one of the natural wonders and can be a wonderful pet for you. Today, you will get to know the amazing facts about this reptile.

Many of you have a weird taste while it comes to have a pet. Now, how many people have a crested gecko as a pet? But, if you decide to have it, you will find how friendly they can be, and also quite entertaining. So, if you want a crested gecko in your house, first ask people to stop panicking about it and then know about the amazing facts about the animal and also make people know more about it. Remember, they are not dangerous and deadly and many people already have them as a pet. Now, here are some wonderful things you need to know about your new pet, crested gecko. Have a look-

Small Fine Hair on the Toe Pads 

Once you bring a crested gecko at home, you will get enough time to study your pet. They have small and fine hair on their toe pads which allow those to stick to the surface. So, when you see your pet is sticking to the container, it is because of those fine hairs. As these geckos are arboreal, this is a common strait of their body. Due to those hairs, they can walk on the grass walls of the terrarium.

‘Eyelash Gecko’ Is Their Pet Name 

Crested geckos are also known as ‘Eyelash Geckos’. Do you know why? They seem to have eyelashes at the upper portion of their eyes while they don’t have those in real. They have small ridges or scales at that portion, but nature has made them look cute with that kind of characteristic. You will love your pet more for this.

They Can Lick Their Eyeballs 

What? Do you think it is gross? It’s not as the crested geckos do it to keep their eyeballs moist and clean. Actually, crested geckos don’t have eyelids, like many other types of reptiles. So, their eyes often catch dirt and lose moisture and get dry. That’s why nature has prepared them with this feature so that they can lick their eyeballs whenever necessary. If you have a pet crested gecko, you may find it weird at the beginning, but you will get used to it soon.

They Were Thought To Get Extinct

In nature, crested geckos were discovered in the 19th century. Then, there was no record of seeing them in nature. Later, they were again found at the end of the 20th Century. In between, humans thought they went extinct. Since then, there are enough records of finding them in nature, and now, though they are a bit vulnerable in the wild, they have their habitat. There is no chance of getting extinct so soon.

Crested Geckos Are Vocals 

Do you get irritated with noises? Then, the crested gecko is not your pet. They are quite vocal creatures and can make enough noises. Usually, they make chirping sounds, especially when they get stimulated and ready for breeding. But, if you find your pet is making the barking sound, that is not at all a good sign. It may indicate that it is stressed or disturbed for some reason. Take care of the issues immediately.

Where They Come From 

They have a natural habitat on the small pocket of an island in Australia. Because of their restricted range, they also have a restricted habitat. Apart from Australia, crested geckos are also found in the rain forests of New Caledonia where they live under the canopy.

They Are Omnivorous 

You won’t get too much confused about the food habit of your pet as they eat everything. They eat insects and also fresh fruits. In the wild, they prey upon insects within their reach like flies, mosquitoes, larvae, etc.

Hopefully, these facts are interesting enough to know about the crested gecko. Mother Nature has space for all animals and being human, we need to make sure that they survive well, whether in the wild or in captivity.

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