Why do you need Microsoft PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a conglomeration of broad-ranged graphics and communication tools. It empowers you to create, edit, and present your data in a graphical and professional manner. You can create an incredible array of presentations using multimedia capabilities. It allows you to present the data in a chronological sequence of slides that contain textual, graphical, animated, video, or audio information.

PowerPoint is extensively used by professionals who give presentations as part of their jobs and also for their support staff. With PowerPoint, you can create visual representations that can convey the message across to an audience, whatever that message may be, and in whichever format it is.

Microsoft has recently released its PowerPoint 2019 version. It improvises the way of managing images by turning them into 3D views. This new version of PowerPoint has some enhancements such as Zoom and Morph to create a more sophisticated and effective presentation.

What’s new in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019?

With the introduction of a new version of PowerPoint, Microsoft has provided various new features. Some of them are:

  • Zoom: This feature is constrained till Windows only, which means it’s not provided in Mac. It allows you to create several sections of slides and to toggle between them.
  • Digital ink: An amazing feature that is included in Windows as well as in Mac. It will help you create ink drawings and convert them into text, shape, or even a mathematical expression.
  • 3D models: This feature is added to both Windows and Mac. 3D models allow you to view all dimensions of an image. Microsoft has a large collection of 3D models for you to insert into your presentation or you can even insert one from your system.
  • Funnel chart: A new chart type that is restricted to Windows only.
  • Text highlighter: A skillful feature for both Windows and Mac that allows you to highlight particular content.
  • Vector graphics: A feature included in Windows and Mac that can be used to insert and edit SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files such as logos and icons.
  • Morph transition: An outstanding feature that can be used to change smoothly from one image to another by small moderate steps using animation methods.
  • Recording features: This feature is supported both in Windows and Mac. It allows you to record the slides of your presentation along with the audio.
  • Background removal: The new background removal feature, supported by Windows only, makes removing the background of an image much easier.

What are the advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint 2019?

PowerPoint is undoubtedly one of the most flexible, multiskilled, and widely used Microsoft Office applications. It helps people to arrange charts, statistics, and information and help the presenters to deliver the information in the easiest and more presentable way. Not only this, the following are a few advantages of PowerPoint 2019:

  • Visual impact: By using a vivid range of colors and creating a high contrast in the text, background, and graphics, you can provide a magnificent look to your presentation.
  • Varied options: PowerPoint contains a variety of options to create a more appealing presentation. You can use colorful themes to display your presentation in a professional yet stunning way.
  • A pool of resources: The application provides you the ability to add illustrations, graphs, charts, and images in addition to the documented descriptions which activates both verbal and visual learning in the brain, prompting a thorough learning experience for the audience.
  • Supports Multimedia: You can convert a PowerPoint presentation into a video and can be viewed on portable devices as well.
  • Easy and less complex: PowerPoint is an easy and user-friendly platform. You can use the provided options to create slides, add the essential data, graphics, documents, and sound files that can give a well-integrated look to your presentation. PowerPoint allows you to display the information through narration and laser pointer.
  • Protected presentations: To secure your presentation, PowerPoint 2019 allows you to add a digital signature, in order to protect it from unwanted manipulation. This option not only protects your presentation but also helps you to manage it.
  • Well-defined Presentations: It helps to accentuate the essential points through the slides. It’s less time consuming and provokes interest because of the effective factors like animations, graphical representation, images, sound, and so on.

Unlike its previous versions, PowerPoint 2019 shows notably enhanced image and video quality. High constancy sustains the primary resolution of images and the presentation can be exported into a 4K resolution video. It also has new methods to boost the availability of your presentations for the specially-abled people. Because of the amazing features and presentation options, the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 application is becoming a day-by-day need. It’s the most widely used program to create presentations. You can know more about PowerPoint 2019 and become a specialist. If you are thinking of getting certified for the PowerPoint 2019 application, you can refer to the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 (MO-300) certification course offered at uCertify. This course provides the basic concepts and skills that you need to start being productive with Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 like how to create, navigate, format, and customize the PowerPoint presentations. Do refer to our Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 course!

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