Why is Dhanteras Auspicious for Buying Gold and Silver?

Diwali, the Festival of Lights is one of the most celebrated festivals in India, and it begins with Dhanteras. There are two words in Dhanteras i.e. “Dhan” and “Teras”. Dhan indicates wealth and Teras stands for the 13th day of the Hindu calendar.

Dhanteras holds a special significance when it comes to purchasing gold and silver, and this is evident as there remains a huge surge in the demand of the precious metal around that time. So, why do people consider Dhanteras as an auspicious occasion to buy gold?

There is an interesting story behind this- There was a 16-year-old King Hima and his newly-wedded spouse. As per the prophecy, it was believed that the king will die to post the fourth day of his marriage. The queen, ordered to prevent the death of her husband and keep him awake, decided to stack all her gold and silver ornaments at the entrance of her bedroom. Not only this, but it is also said that she sang songs and narrated stories to keep him awake.

As expected, the God of Death, Yama, came to take the life of the young king. But, when he tried to enter the room, he was blinded by the shine of ornaments at the entrance and was unable to enter. He then climbed on top of the pile and started listening to the songs and stories narrated by the queen. It is believed God of Death left after some time sparing the life of the young king.

Since then people believe that buying gold and silver on Dhanteras will show the same effects and make the evils blind.

This story may have started the trend of buying gold on the eve of Dhanteras, but there are some other reasons that also support this trend. Here are they-

Making Charges-

Each time, whether you purchase or sell gold jewellery, making charges make all the transaction a little more inconvenient. When you buy gold jewellery, certain making charges are levied, but at the time of selling your jewellery, you don’t get returns on the same. Buy gold coins, as much you can instead of gold jewellery to avert the hassles of making charges.

Convert your coins to jewellery at any time

When you sell your old jewellery to the trusted gold buyer near me, the making charges are even not considerable for cash against gold.

Conversion of coins to jewellery is easier

Now, when you convert those jewellery items into some other piece of gold, you will get the value of gold without making charges and you will have to pay extra charges for the new design.

Although, when you have gold coins, it is easier to convert as you don’t lose anything. This is also the reason why people mostly buy gold coins on the eve of Dhanteras.

Best way to invest

In the financial world, investment is better understood as the money earned for profit. With gold jewellery, you may have wasted the money as you cannot retrieve the making charges. When you know how to sell gold for cash, you look for a more return-driven option like a gold coin.  Gold coins have lesser value and look affordable, but everyone can’t buy gold jewellery on the eve of Dhanteras.

Make Safety the top priority

Gold coins are a safer option as well because jewellery is the most targeted item. Even if you lose a few coins, you can recover the pain, but losing an entire necklace or bangle may be more disturbing.

When you buy gold jewellery, keep these thoughts in mind as well.

How to Sell Gold for Cash?

Now, you know all about buying gold on Dhanteras, but how to sell gold for cash. You may search online for this.

Cash for gold branches is across Delhi NCR which says- “Sona Do, Paisa Lo”, a one-stop destination for selling all kinds of jewellery items, be it gold, silver or diamond.

The process of selling is quite easy as executives will guide you with the prerequisites, and once you are satisfied with cash against gold, they will proceed further. They use worldly recognized German technology to identify the purity and weight of the ornament or coin so that the rest of the process becomes easier.

It would always be good to meet the best gold jewellery buyers in-person and get the cash.

If you want to sell old gold, a trusted gold buyer is an ideal place to do that. “We Buy Gold”- this is our promise to you to get cash for your gold in no time, and we have been accomplishing it since our establishment. We are proud to fulfil the financial needs of our consumers and stand on their expectations.

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