Why The Owner Is Responsible When Their Dog Bites Someone

Every state has different laws when it comes to the owner’s liability for dog bites. California has a “strict liability” dog-bite law. This means that you are always responsible if your dog bites someone. You can’t use the excuse that you didn’t know the dog was dangerous to avoid liability. Other states have a one-bite law that allows owners to escape some liability due to having no knowledge of aggression in their dog. Reach out to attorneys in Roseville, CA if you have been bitten by someone else’s dog.

California dog owners are always responsible for their dog and have strict rules to follow. They have to keep their dog under restraint while in public and enclose on their own property. Owners are liable for any damage or injury caused by their dogs and are held accountable for it. The legal definition of a bite is when the dog’s teeth make contact with you. There doesn’t have to be any broken skin for it to count as a bite. There are a few exceptions when it comes to liability.

If you are bite by a dog that is enclosed, you can only seek compensation if you were invited onto the property. Trespassing overrides owner liability because you were not supposed to be on the property and caused the dog to attack you. The owner is only responsible if they invite someone onto the property or their dog bites someone in public. You have the right to seek compensation if your friend’s or family’s dog bites you after being allowed onto the property.

Experienced Roseville attorneys can file dog bite lawsuits to get you compensation for your injuries after they prove the owner is completely responsible for your injuries. They need to prove that the dog attacked you unprovoked and was breaking the laws. You might be found partly or fully responsible if you ignored warning signs or provoked the dog in any way.

Hire an attorney in Roseville, CA to file a dog bite lawsuit if you have been hurt by someone else’s dog.

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