Window tinting: types, price, what they ask for at the ITV and other answers

If when buying your vehicle you did not value tinting the windows and now, after a while, you have thought better of it, you should know that there is a solution to your problem: the lamination of the windows. Of course, as indicated by the RACE, do not use the Internet to buy the sheets, since not everything that is sold on the network is of quality or reliable. The most advisable thing is to go to a specialized workshop to have the approved sheets installed, so that later they do not give you problems when passing the Technical Inspection of Vehicles (ITV).


First of all, there are tinted windows, that is, those that the factory vehicle carries when you buy it. In this case they are already approved, so you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to passing the ITV.

Second, there is the option of laminated glass, the type of tinting offered by specialized workshops. These are sheets that adapt to the glass of the vehicle on the inside according to the size and shape. These sheets can be cut out or can come directly with a kit with the exact measurements of the window. It should be noted that within the option of laminated windows, you can choose between different degrees of window tinting (never 100%) and the kind of color you want.

As for the price, tinting the car windows using the laminate option can be more or less expensive depending on the size of the vehicle and the number of rear windows it has. However, to give you an idea, normally the service starts at 50 euros for a compact car. Its better when you buy a used car in New Zealand you should renew the tints as soon as you become the owner of that car.


According to article 19 of the General Traffic Regulations, only vehicles with two exterior rear-view mirrors can circulate with approved adhesive sheets or sun blinds on the rear windows. In other words, only the rear windows of the car can be laminated or tinted. By law, tinting of the windshield and the front side windows is not allowed.

However, as indicated in the Official State Gazette (BOE), there are certain exceptions to this rule: the front windows and the windshield can also be tinted in official vehicles, in vehicles of the security forces, in vehicles of protected users or in the vehicles of those ill people who have a diagnosed special sensitivity to the sun’s rays.


Current regulations do not oblige information on window tinting to be included in the vehicle’s technical data sheet. So you should not go immediately to the ITV so that it is reflected that you have carried out this modification in your car. You should only go to the ITV station when it is your turn by date, where you will have to present the following documentation:

  • An approval certificate issued by the manufacturer of the sheets and completed by the installation workshop.
  • The stamp on all the laminated windows of the vehicle, which will have to match the brand with the workshop that gave you the films.

Failure to comply with these conditions will make the result of the ITV of your car unfavorable, so that you will have to remove the films from the windows or change them for new ones, as they are not legal. In addition, you should know that driving with unapproved tinted windows can cost you a fine of up to 200 euros without the withdrawal of points from the driving license.

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