9/11 Safety Measures Or An LV Party: You Need A Bluetooth Party Speaker!

9/11 changed innumerable lives. It was a tragedy for the ages to come. The aftershocks of which were such that people still suffer. The date leaves an imprint each year. But in 2020, things were different.

9/11 Commemorated:

Amidst a Pandemic, ceremonies were not as per usual. Business is not as usual. This crisis has changed the way we function. Sanitation habits have changed. Hygiene has changed. Most importantly, social gatherings have changed.

This year marked the 19th anniversary of this event. Despite the harrowing loss, things were commemorated under a precautionary umbrella. In remembrance of more than 3000 victims, people were shocked.

All measures, however, were in place. Safety was prioritized. Naturally so, as vulnerable people too, were attending the event. People wore masks, and maintained a 6 feet distance. Greeted with elbows, rather than handshakes.

Typically, family members read out the names of the dead. But this year, they were announced on a microphone. A recording of the names blared out from speakers. This was done due to a very valid reason. So that people would not come into close contact with each other. This allowed family members to mourn in peace. At the same time, maintaining safety. They could do so at the place where they lost their loved ones.

Trump himself, spoke a few words. He related the depth of the loss people suffered from. Also what ensued. He honored the responders who lost their lives during the attack. As well as those who fought back against the plane hijackers.

What’s interesting is the fact that people really took extra precautions. In times of loss, mourners can become unreasonable. And rightly so. But it is excellent to note that despite everything, precautionary measures were followed to the dot.

Personnel surrounding the area also ensured this. By requesting people to keep their masks on, and maintain a healthy distance amongst each other. This uncomplicated a lot of things for those present. An enforcement authority can always go a long way.

COVID – 19 in itself has wrecked havoc over the past year. Everything has slowed down. Whether it be businesses, or large firms. Almost everyone has suffered a loss. The loss of lives has been even greater. The entire world has been impacted. No one is exempt from the clutches of the virus. Great countries like America have witnessed the consequences.

Designer Face Shield; Safety In Style

Health care perhaps, has suffered the most. With medical personnel on the front line battling hands on, the situation is terrible. On this note, Luis Vutton has released a $960 face shield as protection against the virus.

One of the priciest brands has taken a huge step. The brand was birthed in France. This revolutionary shield was launched on the 30th of October. It comes with gold studs. It also has the Luis Vutton monogram displayed. But there is something even more interesting. The shield can act as a cap too!

It has an inbuilt monochromatic visor. This changes colors from dark to clear. This is so convenient for so many people. Especially those always on the move. As well as on a time constraint.

It even comes with anti – microbial technology. Amazing, right? The inner and outer linings are made of cotton. And it gets better. Certain proceeds from each sale go to a fund. This is the Burberry Foundation COVID – 19 Community. The aim is to assist affected communities as well as health workers.

The fashion industry has been hit hard by the virus. With no showings, and factory closures. Despite being temporary, they have had a serious impact on businesses. There’s no doubt about that.

In line with this thought, has anyone noticed a slow down in parties? There has been a strict closure of nightclubs. And that’s speaking on a large scale.

Because of the virus, social gatherings have been limited. This means a curb to nightlife. Not just nightlife, but parties as well.

Bluetooth Party Speakers

Sales for Bluetooth party speakers went down, due to this reason. But now, a resurgence is being seen. Which is good for the industry. Wireless speakers suddenly dominated the market. This led to an increase in sales for Bluetooth speakers as well.

Specifically for gatherings, they are very convenient. It becomes so easy to switch from one song to the other. Consumers in general have become more inclined towards smart devices. A Bluetooth party speaker is the perfect example of that.

Since they pair up with almost any device, they are efficient. People want instant gratification. With this technology, they get it. Instantly. There are so many options in the market now. Most available for good prices. That’s what we call a steal!

Even in the Chinese market, we observe a surge. This is expected. People want a seamless experience. And seamless music. These speakers do just that. They tick all the boxes, really.

The market also has portable speakers. Portable ones are generally smaller in size. Smaller, as well as more compact. This makes for an even swifter experience. Honestly, the market keeps on diversifying.

What’s driving the market though? And who could have thought of such a major surge in the demand for this product? The driving force is the growth of audio streaming technology. It is predicted that by the end of 2022, 8 out of every 10 speakers will have a Bluetooth function. That’s quite insane when you think about it!

The old school days are long gone. Lithium ion batteries only help the case. There’s longer playtime. And you don’t need to charge every few seconds. When you do, there’s ready access to fast chargers. It really doesn’t get much better than this!

All in all, as the world becomes more structured, technology takes a leap for the better.

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